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Watertown, MA Explosion 2013 Follows MIT Shooting, Suspect at Beth Israel

Watertown, MA Explosion 2013 Follows MIT Shooting, Suspect at Beth Israel

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Watertown, MA explosion 2013 tonight followed the MIT shooting this evening. A Watertown explosion and reports of gunfire have erupted tonight April 19, 2013 shortly after midnight local time. Two suspects are in custody, one has been taken to Beth Israel. Officials have yet to confirm if tonight’s violence in Watertown is related to the MIT shooting tonight or the Boston Marathon attack.

Jim Lokay WCVB reports news tonight that it remains unclear if the three matters are related. Earlier tonight, LALATE reported that an MIT officer was fatally shot. Officials also confirmed that the suspect(s) was at large after the MIT shooting.

Thereafter, while local news was reporting at MIT, violence erupted in Watertown. “Chilling coverage …of MIT officer shot and killed, now gunfight reported in streets of Watertown, MA” said Lokay. “According to @SeanKellyTV, it’s way too early to tell if MIT shooting, gunfire/explosions unrelated. … The shooting is happening at Laurel and Dexter in Watertown.”

Sean Kelly has been reporting that it all began with a car jacking. “Police on the lookout for two men Middle Eastern descent who just carjacked a Mercedes and held passenger. Armed and Dangerous.” He added “Police all racing to Watertown shooting tied to carjacking in Cambridge. Explosives being thrown from vehicle per radio traffic. ..Watertown residents report hearing explosions.”

Officials ordered cell phones off. “Cell phones ordered off for police and us because of undetonated explosives.” One of the shooters tonight has been taken to Beth Israel. The other has been taken into custody.

UPDATE:1:45 AM EST. A shooting erupted on the MIT campus last night. That officer was killed. Later, a car was seized on the MIT campus by the shooter. Thereafter, a suspect was arrested not far from MIT in Watertown. There was only ONE suspect in Watertown taken into custody, not TWO. There is no confirmation that the MIT, Boston Marathon and the Watertown matters are related. Federal agents were at the MIT and the Watertown incidents tonight, CNN now confirms.

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