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Tennessee Earthquake Today 2013 Strike Dayton

Tennessee Earthquake Today 2013 Strike Dayton

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A light but shallow Tennessee earthquake today 2013 has struck near Dayton. The Tennessee earthquake today Thursday, April 18, 2013 began shortly after midnight. No injuries have yet to be reported by local news. Meantime, a series of aftershocks of major international quakes this week continue to erupt Thursday.

First, a light Tennessee earthquake began at 12:06 am local time today, officials tells news. The quake was only fourteen miles below ground level, USGS indicates to news. As a result, the quake could be felt across there region.

Officials tell news that the quake started six miles northwest of Dayton. The quake was seven miles east of Pikeville and eight miles north of Graysville. Officials also tell news that the quake was twenty-nine miles northwest of Cleveland and thirty-seven miles northeast of Chattanooga. The quake reportedly was only one hundred thirty miles north of Atlanta, GA.

Second, a series of larger quakes from earlier this week are producing strong aftershocks today. Already today, the deadly Iran quake has posted a 4.8 magnitude aftershock, officials tell news. The quake was twenty-seven kilometers from Marand.

The Papua New Guinea quake has posted two aftershocks in excess of a 4.7 magnitude today as well. And the Guatemala quake has posted one at a 4.5 magnitude moments ago, USGS tells news.

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