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Gabe Solis, Braxton Family Values Sisters, Battle Aunt Deb

Gabe Solis, Braxton Family Values Sisters, Battle Aunt Deb

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who is Aunt Deb? Suddenly Gabe Solis’ scandal pictures seem tame. Because there is another social media controversy brewing on the Braxton Family Values tonight. And this time, it doesn’t concern pictures of Gabe Solis, Trina Braxton’s husband. But it does concern him and all the Braxton sisters. Meantime, Traci Braxton is going to have a live SYNC WeTV chat during the BFV broadcast. So will Aunt Deb join in?

The Braxton sisters’ Aunt Deb, her daughter, and Toni’s dad’s side of the family are taking to Facebook allegedly to hate on BFV. Tonight, Trina Braxton and her Braxton Family sisters battle their cousins over Facebook posts. But what did Aunt Deb and their father’s side of the family write on Facebook, and what are their Facebook accounts? This social media dispute heads to WETV this evening.

Tonight the Braxtons tell news “my only memory about dad’s side of the family is the whole Facebook incident.” They add “my sisters were friends with all my cousins on a social network.”

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But tensions erupted since filming. “One of my cousins said on Facebook ‘I don’t F’ with Braxton Family Values. And posted it. Like this is on her page? And this on her page for everybody to see?”

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The allegations continue. “And then they started talking smack about our family. About our mom. That Toni is washed up. That we are all h–. That I ain’t nothing but a background singer. Proved that wrong! And that is not cool. All the cousins were saying they hope my husband divorces me, and that Trina is an alcoholic? “

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