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Tamra Barney Changing Name to Tamra Judge on RHOC? EXCLUSIVE

Tamra Barney Changing Name to Tamra Judge

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Is Tamra Barney changing her name to “Tamra Judge” on Real Housewives of Orange County? The hilarious Tamra Barney reveals exclusively to LALATE if “Tamra Judge” is going to be the new star of RHOC, if “Tammy Barney” almost joined the show in season three, and if hotels keep on asking about “Mr. Eddie Barney” as well. Yet, one thing is for sure; Heather Dubrow might have to throw another Naming Party soon. At least this time no one will eat the bow off the cake.

For the first time ever, Tamra Barney of Cut Fitness OC tells LALATE that she almost joined RHOC as “Tammy Barney”. Barney joined the cast in season three opposite returning cast member Tammy Knickerbocker. Barney says that Bravo and her made the decision to go by her birth name “Tamra” to avoid viewer confusion.

“My real name is Tamra but I grew up as Tammy. Because of the confusion with Tammy Knickerbocker, we went with my birth name Tamra on the show and it just stuck.” She adds “My Mom still calls me Tammy.”

So is Tamra changing her name to “Tamra Judge” on the show? She says that she hasn’t decided. “Legally yes but professionally I am still unsure!”

And what does Eddie say about the name situation? “Eddie said that I am ABSOLUTELY changing my name. If checks into one more hotel and is addressed as Mr. Barney….lol. Changing my name is a big struggle to me because it’s my kids name. I am considering hyphening it. We’ll see what happens.”

LALATE added “Several housewives never mention their last name on camera. Do think the easiest solution for viewers is to just say ‘Tamra’ on camera after you get marry?” Tamra agreed. “That’s exactly what I want. If that happens great.”

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