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Suspect Identified in 2nd Boston Marathon Bombing: Report

Suspect Identified in 2nd Boston Marathon Bombing

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A suspect has been identified from the second Boston Marathon bombing. Police have an identified suspect from one of the Boston Marathon bombings, reports CNN moments ago. The photo shows the suspect carried a black duffel bag to the bomb site. The photo is a screengrab from local videos.

News reports claim that the suspect appears on multiple videos near the second bombing spot on Boylston Street near the Forum restaurant. A news conference is set for 5 pm today for a press briefing about the matter. Officials are not confirming any news updates officially before the press conference. It remains unclear if the suspect has been arrested or taken into custody. Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis would not confirm any reports this morning.

First, CNN’s John King reports that surveillance video near the second explosion shows the suspect walking with the duffle bag. Second, King reports that a Boston news station has video of the suspect as well from a different angle.

Third, the Boston Globe says that the imagery has placed the suspect at the second bombing site. The Boston Globe tells news that “Authorities have image of a suspect carrying a black bag at 2nd bombing scene”. Fourth, the Globe claims that one video came from the Lord & Taylor’s surveillance video across the street.

Finally, CNN claims that, not only has imagery been obtained, but also an identification has been formulated. A source has told “John King that Boston authorities believe they have identified a suspect in bombings. ”

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