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Lawton Oklahoma Tornado 2013 Tonight, Plus Damage in Quincy, IL

Lawton Oklahoma Tornados 2013 Tonight, Plus Damage in Quincy, IL

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Lawton, Oklahoma tornadoes 2013 tonight have caused damage outside Oklahoma City, officials tell news. Meantime, a tornado has been spotted in Davidson, Oklahoma this evening April 17, 2013. Another tornado has been spotted near northern Wilbarger County, Texas. One was witnessed between Elgin and Sterling as well. Tornado warnings are in place for Illinois tonight, as well. And damage has been spotted in Quincy, IL as ell.

First, two tornados were spotted touching down tonight in Lawton, Oklahoma. No people were injured, officials tell news. But local news KJRH is reporting that there was damage to a Goodyear tire plant in the area. Photos taken by local news showed the tornado moving across wide rural space during pre-dusk hours. Meantime, officials confirm that residents are without power tonight in Lawton. KJRH reports that a tornado watch is still in place for fifty-one counties in the state until 11 pm tonight. Elsewhere in the state, a tornado was spotted this evening moving southeast of Davidson, Oklahoma, officials told news.

Other states are suffering severe weather this evening as well. A tornado warning was issued for sections of Missouri earlier today. But Monroe City, MO is currently being hit by power outages.

In Texas, a tornado was spotted moving in Wilbarger County, TX. Illinois has had trouble tonight as well. Sterling, Illinois has suffered severe rain. And Quincy, IL airport suffered tree damage as well.
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