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Kim Zolciak Returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta Next Season? EXCLUSIVE

Kim Zolciak Returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta Next Season? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Is Kim Zolciak returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta for another season? Kim Zolciak told news in December 2012 that she left RHOA. Kim’s last work for RHOA was filming its reunion in March 2013. But now, four months after telling news that she left the RHOA series, and one month after she finishing filming the RHOA reunion, Zolciak is now telling a Court that she is still part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. So is Kim returning to RHOA?

This week, Kim’s attorney assured a Court that she is still part of RHOA, LALATE can exclusively report. “In fact, Plaintiffs Burruss … as well as Defendant Zolciak-Biermann are all participants on the Real Housewives television show and Burruss and Richards were participants of the show at all the relevant times at issue.”

The “relevant time at issue” is the key statement. Kim tells the Court that she and Kandi have a contract with Bravo’s production company, True, which prevents RHOA cast members from suing one other. Roughly thirty percent of Kim’s brief asserts that her Talent Agreement with Bravo’s production company allegedly protects her from being sued by another RHOA housewife.

The argument is perplexing and overly vague. Kim is asserting that her contract protects her from being sued by fellow housewife Kandi for a matter that occurred on RHOA. No where in Kim’s papers does she tell the Court that she is no longer a part of RHOA, that her services to RHOA have ended. Rather, she indicates that she is a member of the cast without adjective qualifiers of “current” or “past”. So what is going on here? Is she still part of the show or not?

One possibility is that Kim is trying to evoke the safeguards of the contract, as if she still on RHOA. Another is that the contract protection of not being sued by a fellow housewife might remain even after a cast member leaves the show. And another could simply be that Kim is still a part of RHOA and that the safeguards protect her from being sued.

As previously reported on LALATE, Kim makes the unusual move of putting into public record, not only Kandi’s home address but also large excerpts of her believed confidential employment agreement with Bravo’s production company. Viewers can read passages of Kim’s  Bravo employment contract in her brief , even though she puts the document by attachment under seal (hidden) from public record.

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