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Joan Rivers Boycott: WGA Writers Strike Fashion Police

Joan Rivers Boycott: WGA Writers Strike Fashion Police

LOS ANGELES (LALALATE) – Joan Rivers is being boycotted. A Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers boycott is underway with a WGA writers strike hitting Fashion Police (E!). The Writers Guild of America has instructed its union members to boycott the Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers E! Show Fashion Police, with Joan Rivers’ current WGA writers now going on strike. Moreover, the trouble for Joan and Melissa if far from over. Writers have filed a $1 million complaint with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement against the Fashion Police.

A year ago, a Joan Rivers boycott of Costco headlined local news. Rivers didn’t like that Costco banned her authored book. Now a boycott is striking Rivers herself.

Fashion Police is produced by Melissa Rivers and delivered by E! and Rugby Productions. The writers on the show are allegedly WGA writers. But the show is not a sanctioned WGA show.

Neither Rivers nor E! has said much about the scandal. But E! issued a statement that “E! values our Fashion Police writers and we pay them fairly and in full legal compliance.”

Several WGA writers for Rivers’ Fashion Police issued news students in recent days. Eliza Skinner said “In reality, I put in anywhere from 12 to 32 additional hours on each show – time I should have been compensated for. On top of that is all the unpaid overtime we regularly work. There are some shows where we are required to work 16-hour days, from 2:30 p.m. until around 5:30 the following morning.”

Bryan Cook said “We love writing for Fashion Police, but the company needs to do the right thing and pay us fairly for all the hard work and time we put into it. We’ve helped make it one of the network’s top-rated shows and E! needs to start treating us like professional writers.”

Ned Rice wrote “We have earned the right to be a Guild show, we deserve to be a Guild show, and we want to be a Guild show. The ball is clearly in E! and Rugby’s court right now and we’re ready to go back to work on Fashion Police just as soon as they sign a WGA contract.”

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