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American Idol 2013 Results Tonight Prompt Top 4 Anticipation

American Idol 2013 Results Tonight Prompt Top 4 Anticipation who got eliminated elimination

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – American Idol 2013 results tonight prompted Top 4 anticipation. With fans wondering who will get eliminated in results April 18, tonight’s telecast had some strong performers in early results. The telecast started with a great song by a familiar name.

American Idol 2013 results tonight were kicked off with top praise for Straight Up by Paula Abdul. Viewers learned that two singers, Janelle and Candice, both picked the song. But Candice admits to news that Janelle decided to let her do the song.

Keith Urban told news that he loved Candice Glover’s version of the song. He also admitted forgetting how good a song it was. Nicki Minaj told Keith that the song was always a great track. She told Candice that she loved her performance and was happy that she made the Top 5. Randy agreed that the performance was well done and Mariah said that she enjoyed Candice’s version of the song.

So with Arthur not getting Paula’s song, Janelle selected When You Call My Name (Vince Gill). Janelle accompanied the song with her guitar. Nicki told news that she prefers Janelle singing with guitar. But Nicki was bothered by the end of the performance. Randy disagreed and told news that the entire performance was strong and one of Janelle’s best ever. Mariah agreed with Randy.

But Keith Urban disagreed with the rest of the panel. He said that he didn’t like the performance, he said the notes were off, and he didn’t like her on guitar. Mariah eventually interrupted Keith and expressed her disapproval of his remarks.

Who could end up in the bottom three tomorrow? Janelle and Amber have to be careful. Last week the top was Amber Holcomb and Lazaro Arbos. A week before that it was Janelle Arthur and Burnell Taylor.
Of the remaining Top 5 singers, only Janelle and Amber have ever been in the bottom. Amber has been there twice, Janelle once.

Of the other three singers remaining, however, Kree has been in the top votes three times, while Candice and Angie have been in the top votes two times. Tonight, Kree selected “She Talks to Angeles” by the Black Crowes. Some viewers thought tonight it was one of Kree’s best performances. But the judges were split. Randy said it wasn’t perfect but he definitely thought it was one of Kree’s best songs. Mariah said that she longs to hear Kree sing each week and enjoys hearing her voice. Keith agreed. Nicki said that the performance was better than Candice and Janelle.

But as soon as Nicki bring up Mariah’s name, Mariah interrupts Nicki, just like how Mariah interrupted Keith Urban earlier in the telecast as well. Nicki fumes back referring to Mariah as “sir” and telling her to quiet down.

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