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Matthew Cash Kandi Factory Music Video? Mejgan Battles For Win

Matthew Cash Kandi Factory Music Video? Mejgan Battles For Win

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Does Matthew Cash of the Kandi Factory win the music video deal from tonight? Kandi Factory puts rapper Matthew Cash against Mejgan on tonight’s episode. But who wins?

Matthew tells viewers “I definitely need this deal. I think this a great opportunity to make it and have people take me as an artist other than that guy trying to do this for a hobby.” The Factory’s team thinks Matthew has the winning edge. “Matthew is very confident in the studio. His whole confidence, his whole swag, I was impressed.”

Mathew says his recording session goes well. “We had a really good vibe. We are jamming and jamming.” Kandi Burruss agrees. She tells viewers “I like this guy. In my mind, I’m like okay, which label people do I need to invite. Matthew Cash, he came here to do his thing. I think he needs an opportunity to be seen by the world.” She tells him “I think you are killing it. Matthew you are so good so far. He would really have to do something to mess this up.”

So does Matthew Cash win? If video previews are any indication, it appears that Matthew wins since Mejgan’s name hardly appears on the website before tonight’s telecast. Kandi tells Mejgan “she is giving me a lot of mixed signals of who she is”. And the Factory team agrees. “We are trying to find something that we can work with, a starting point.” UPDATE: Matthew has won. To watch his video click HERE.

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  1. Aja Graffa

    April 16, 2013 at 11:00 pm

    Love the Matt Cash video Single :) he should win

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