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Leland Chapman Quit “Bounty Hunter” Amid Dog and Leland Fall Out – EXCLUSIVE

 Leland Chapman Quit DBH After Dog and Leland Fall Out - EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Why happened to Leland Chapman, why did Leland quit Dog the Bounty Hunter, and what happened between Dog and Leland? Last night, fans asked that plus, why are Dog and Leland not talking, what are Leland and Dog fighting about, and what caused the Dog and Leland fall out? Dog Chapman family drama struck the new series of “Dog and Beth” last night. But some viewers needed Cliff Notes to handle the background not clear about Dog and his sons.

Last night’s CMT episode was filmed in April 2012. Once month earlier, in March 2012, LALATE exclusively reported that Leland not only had left the A&E Dog the Bounty Hunter but was also not speaking to Dog.

At the time, fans were left guessing if Duane Lee Chapman was fired? Did Leland Chapman quit? Duane Lee Chapman and Leland Chapman were no longer a part of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s business as of April 2012, LALATE exclusively reported at the time. Beth Chapman also told news then she hadn’t seen Leland in months.

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As episodes aired in March 2012, one viewer tweeted to Leland “I really want to see the truth why you left not all the rumors going around”, Leland responded “I’m sure it won’t be all the truth they will show what they want or what they are told to show”.

Beth confirmed that Leland had distanced himself from filming the A&E show at the time. Beth then told news “Well considering we have not seen Leland in months I’d say that’s about right.” Dog told fans that he has thought extensively about what is going to be portrayed this month on his show. “I have thought for many weeks what I was going to say to my People ( you ) about Wednesday’s show” adding “I feel like the elephant man”.

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It’s not particularly clear when the March 2012 A&E show was filmed. But presumably it was filmed months earlier. In those episodes, Leland threatened to quit Dog the Bounty Hunter. But by the air date of March, Leland and Beth confirmed that he was no longer speaking with Dog.

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Fans at the time did not respond well to news that both Duane Lee and Leland were leaving the show. Many urged that Leland get his own spinoff. “Personally, I really think that A&E really need to consider seriously cancel this show because this family is not what they seem.” And one fan suggested a programming option: a spinoff with Leland and Duane Lee. “I really hope the boys start their own show. I haven’t watch Dog for a while.”

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When Dog and Beth was first announced, it wasn’t clear if Leland was joining the cast. But quickly thereafter, Beth confirmed that Leland was added to the show. It remains unclear if CMT would have bought the show without Leland. As one viewer wrote in spring 2012, Leland is critical to the program. “I think Dog is in big [programming] trouble without his sons. If it’s for ratings, congrats, you’ve accomplished that. People will watch just to see if Duane Lee and Leland come back. I [used to] loved this show. Not sure now. ” Another added “I will not watch Dog the Bounty Hunter without Leland or Duane Lee.” And another viewer felt the same. “I only watch the show because of Leland. I guess I won’t be watching it anymore… The three guys are the show”.

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So why did Leland quit initially? In the finale season on A&E, Duane Lee’s exit created tensions between Leland and Dog. Leland told viewers that he felt he was forced to decide between supporting his father or his brother. Ultimately, Leland was upset that Duane Lee left the business and the program. And yet, for months, Leland stayed way from the A&E program and the family.


  1. pondhopper

    April 17, 2013 at 9:52 am

    American Chopper-itis. Britches getting big. Money tearing up the family bonds. The only way through is redemption.

  2. Saorise

    April 17, 2013 at 10:42 am

    The Preview was AWFUL, long and boring! Everything looked and sounded staged.

  3. Thea Weir

    January 19, 2015 at 11:18 am

    I agree, Dog is big but it was Leland and Duane Lee who made the show. I hate it without them and have stopped watching it. Hey Duane Lee and Leland, start your own series.; It will do great!!!!!

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