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Dog: What Happened to Leland Chapman, Duane Lee, Baby Lyssa – EXCLUSIVE

Dog: What Happened to Leland Chapman, Duane Lee, Baby Lyssa

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What happened to Leland Chapman, Duane Lee Chapman, and Baby Lyssa Chapman? And why did Leland Chapman leave the show, Dog The Bounty Hunter, on A&E? The Dog the Bounty Hunter show returns tonight, revamped in a new format, with a new name and modified cast. It’s now Dog and Beth on CMT. But fans will be left asking why did Baby Lyssa and Duane Lee leave the show?

As first reported on LALATE, Duane Lee, Baby Lyssa, Tim and several other faces from Dog the Bounty Hunter are not rejoining the new show. On the original A&E Show, fans were upset that Duane Lee might not be returning. One fan wrote “But if Leland and Duane Lee leave then I am no longer going to watch the show. Dog doesn’t do much of anything. It’s Leland and Duane Lee that do most of the work. If they (Leland and Duane Lee) get their own show then I will watch their show.”

On the final season or Dog on A&E, fans watched as Leland Chapman left the show for a time. On January 17 last year, Leland tweeted “… Yes I no longer work on the show.” He later added “So you wanna be a bounty hunter? Leland b chapman bounty hunter training academy coming to a city near you check my website for details”.

Leland added “The true REALITY is the fact that he feels it’s time to move on, do his own thing, and continue carving out the Legacy of Leland Chapman. He is often asked, “Why aren’t you part of the show anymore?”

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At the time, many fans contended that the show could survive Tim’s exit but won’t survive without Duane Lee and Leland. “Stop pushing his kids away. I hope the boys get a spin-off. Then I’ll watch the show. I’ve been watching for ten years, but not anymore. I’m done.”

The turmoil first was reported in April 2012 broadcasts on A&E. “Dog has dropped Duane Lee from the team, and Leland is feeling caught in the middle” said A&E at the time. “When Leland confronts Dog and Beth about the decision tempers flare.”

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Leland was furious at the time. “I didn’t go behind your back. It is behind our back since we are just finding out about it” fumes Beth. “I didn’t go behind your back…That is my brother, and that is my family” said. Leland told Dog “I don’t want to be left in the middle of this. I am totally in the middle, that is my brother and you my dad. I am supposed to live, without my brother.”

Dog replied “You need to me open mind. You know daddy loves Duane Lee. You know it…. I will get him back. Leave it to me.”

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As previously detailed on LALATE, the new CMT series won’t follow the same format as the previous show. Lyssa recently tweeted “Sometimes you hurt people in life. This is not easy to accept. Make amends with you past. Forgive yourself, and never make the same mistake again.”

Leland, Duane Lee Hot Pictures Set 2
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Leland, Duane Lee Photo 7
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Who will be on the new show? Beth Chapman previously resolved the confusion for fans. “For the record, new show on CMT ‘Dog’ [will feature] Beth, Leland, Sonnny and Kaleo.” But Beth also shared news that certain faces won’t be appearing. “No Duane Lee, no Baby Lyssa, no Tim, no Bobby. All new coming this spring.” It remains unclear if that could change with a possible second season for CMT. UPDATE: For more background on Duane Lee Chapman’s exit click HERE. . For Leland Chapman’s exit and return, click HERE. And for Baby Lyssa Chapman’s exit, click HERE.


  1. carlena

    June 25, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    i think they all should get back on da show cuase they were all good and da boys mostly did all the work and the new show is awful i like dog the bountyhunter better i watch it every morning on tv cuase thats how better it is.

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