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Melissa Rivers Pregnant 2013 with Boyfriend Duncan Baby?

is Melissa Rivers Pregnant 2013 with Boyfriend Duncan Baby

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Is Melissa Rivers pregnant 2013 with boyfriend Duncan’s baby? Melissa Rivers pregnant watch dominates the season finale of WETV’s Joan Knows Best, debuting Saturday. But is Melissa really pregnant, or is she doing her best Ramona Singer fake baby storyline, and what happened to former boyfriend Jason Zimmerman?

WeTV isn’t particularly known for doing fake pregnancy cliffhangers in the shows. That tactic has been best perfected, or perhaps the word is best “exploited”, by Bravo on the Real Housewives franchise. At least two Bravo RH series have ended their seasons with pregnancy cliffhangers, both which turned out to be absurdly false.

On Saturday, it’s WeTV’s turn. Melissa says “Duncan is going to come out and visit.” But when Joan Rivers “accidentally” walks in on Melissa in a ridiculously staged scene, Melissa shouts “oh my god oh my god”. Later Melissa tells her friend “my period is late. I’m going to be pregnant” to which she hears “oh my God, we are going to have a baby!”

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Last season, the Jason Zimmerman cheating scandal pictures storyline dominated much the entire season. “Around three years of my life and [son] Cooper’s life, we were living together as a family,” Melissa told news. “And it turns out that Jason is living a whole other life. I have to go back to work and everyone knows what’s been happening,’ she adds.

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Joan told news at the time “I cannot tell you what it is like to see your child’s dreams smashed. She was setting up a family; they were trying to have a baby together. You just wish you could take all the pain and just put it on yourself. I’m a tough old b**c* I can take the pain much better. She doesn’t have that easy of a road, and now this, it kills me.”

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Melissa ultimately confronts Jason on the telephone. “The Enquirer has a series of emails… so whoever you were corresponding with sold you out … So you were trolling with a couple on Craigslist? So you destroyed our lives for attention? … All you say is I’m sorry?” She adds “obviously you never loved me… and you hurt Cooper and humiliated me. … I feel sorry for your parents.”

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She like Trina Braxton battled cheating scandals all season long. Ultimately Melissa said “It is so surreal I have to make a public statement about me and Jason …. There are parts of your life that you don’t want to talk about …It’s very odd, it’s very confusing, and it’s weird.”

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