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American Idol Results Last Night 2013 Prompt Elimination, Top 5 Predictions

American Idol Results Last Night 2013 Prompt Top 5 Elimination Predictions

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – American Idol results last night 2013 prompted Top 5 elimination predictions today. In previous seasons, American Idol elimination predictions are generally consistent across news sites. But with the disparity between quality of singing and voting draw widening week-to-week, some singers are advancing that should have been eliminated over a month ago. Hence, unlike any previous Idol season, this year’s Top 5 predictions are varied.

Last night, Candice Glover sang “Don’t Make Me Over”. Keith Urban told news that Candice was incredible. He said “you became my top 3”. Nicki agreed and Mariah told news that it was “simplistic” and “beautiful.”

Lazaro Arbos delivered “Angels”. The judges commented more about his song selection than his performance. Keith applauded the selection, and Nicki remarked “what he said”. Mariah again noted that Lazaro should be proud to be “the last remaining guy”.

Meantime, Janelle Arthur was praised for her versatility after singing “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again”. Keith told news “We see a different side to you every week.” Nicki agreed. Mariah said that, despite the versatility, the “melody is a constant.”

Last week, the top three voter earners were Angie, Kree and Lazaro. Many news analysts are predicting the same tonight. Previously, Janelle Arthur and Burnell Taylor were sent to the bottom three. Before that it was Devin Velez, Burnell Taylor and Lazaro Arbos. Hence, if previous Idol seasons are any predictions, fans should not be surprised if Janelle ends up in the bottom three tonight.

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