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American Idol Results Elimination 2013 Tonight Prompt Lazaro Top 4 Exit

American Idol Results Elimination 2013 Tonight Prompt Top 4 Shocker

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – American Idol elimination results tonight 2013 prompted an anticipated exit before the Top 4. Who was eliminated on American Idol tonight April 11, 2013? Last week the top three voter earners were Angie, Kree and Lazaro. So did that change tonight?

American Idol results this evening followed a bunch of peculiar remarks by Jimmy Iovine. He first told Kree that she had a great vocal delivery last night. But he also told her that, if she wants to win this year, she needs to come up with more personality. He next told Angie that she is doing a decent job week to week but not a stellar job.

For Lazaro, Jimmy was surprised. He said that, if he had to rank Lazaro, he put him at #10 this week, even though there only six singers remaining. Jimmy also said that Lazaro has done well staying alive in this competition even though he is not destined to be a “professional singer”.

The surprise about Lazaro Arbos started in late March. At the time, he earned poor reviews from the judges. Many viewers thought he would be sent home. That week, on “In My Life”, he drew negative remarks. Nicki called him “nervous” and Mariah said that she was disappointed with the delivery. But despite Jimmy’s remarks, Lazaro never headed to the bottom three that week.

More recently, Lazaro Arbos drew mired reviews for his duet with Angie Miller on Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Seven day ago, Randy told news that he liked Angie but didn’t enjoy Arbos. But Mariah came to Arbos’ defense, saying that that it is hard for any male to sing Freddie Mercury’s notes. Keith told news that the “vibe was wrong”.

As one viewer commented last week, “[people] want Lazaro off of the show because he doesn’t deserve to be there by doing a mediocre job week after week. Yet he continues to get votes and while no one is expecting him to apologize, I do think that everyone is expecting him to go home this week.”

Meantime, there has been a real disagreement about who might be in the final Top 3 this season. As one viewer commented “I am glad Amber Holcomb stayed, she is undeniably the best singer in this competition” while another claims “by far Jenelle is the best singer and plays to the audience”.

But in final results tonight, sent to the bottom this Thursday, was Amber Holcomb and Lazaro Arbos. And eventually eliminated this evening was …. Lazaro.

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  1. Disneygirl

    April 11, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    Is there some reason that Candice Glover is not mentioned in this article? She is, by far, the best.

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