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RHOC: Are Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Still Together 2013?

RHOC: Are Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers Still Together 2013?

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Are Vicki and Brooks still together 2013, and is Vicki Gunvalson still dating Brooks? Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers broke up after the reunion 2012 telecast, and then got back together. When RHOC filming for the current season started in summer last year, the other housewives were unsure if Vicki and Brooks were still together, broke up, back together, or done for good. In fact, Vicki and Brooks weren’t so sure about it each other. But LALATE can exclusively report what was going on with Vicki and Brooks then, compared to their situation now.

RHOC debuted last Monday to disappointing ratings numbers. Apparently, Bravo has yet to remember what consistently words with Housewives shows: breakups, secrets, and dating stories. Last season on Real Housewives of Miami, Karent Sierra’s relationship with Rodolfo delivered really the only major viral story of the season. This season on Atlanta, Kenya Moore’s boyfriend drove much the entire season’s major storyline.

And so when we return to RHOC this week, Bravo seems to discount the impact Vicki and Brooks had on the ratings. No matter how much viewers disliked Brooks, the questionable relationship between him and Vicki was far more talked about than anything else last season.

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The current season began filming in summer 2012, Tamra Barney recently told LALATE exclusively. In July and September, both Vicki and Brooks battled breakup reports. Yet there were very much together at the time, LALATE can report. Briana last season said “You want me to go on the internet about all this stuff about Brooks? DUIs, not taking care of his kids, he’s got four kids by three different women.”

Briana asserted that she doesn’t like Brooks. “I am concerned that things are moving too fast, too early. I was single for three years, and Ryan was always in my life… you have been married most of your life since you are 19.” Briana adds “You have never been alone to discover what you want. I have a feeling you are lonely and are only latching on the other person you are meeting.”

Vicki consistently doesn’t like the comparison of Brooks to Ryan. “You can’t compare Ryan with Brooks…. How did this get moved around to me? This is how to defend yourself, you attack yourself. You are still legally married.“

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LALATE can report that tonight’s episode airing was taped around September 2012. At the time, Vicki and Brooks were together but were battling false breakup report. Vicki told news then. “I don’t know what everyone is talking about but I didn’t dump Brooks. We are both taking time for ourselves right now.” Vicki assured news that the couple are still together. But she wouldn’t indicate further to fans what “taking time for us” exactly meant.

Tamra Barney on social media said much the same comment she said this week on the show. “’If a relationship has to be a secret, then you shouldn’t be in it.’ Just saying.” So while Viki and Brooks are still together when tonight’s episode was taped in summer 2012, the two have since broke up for good.

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