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Fillmore Fire 2013 Map Today: Brush Fire Spreading Fast

Fillmore Fire 2013 Map Today: Brush Fire Spreading Fast

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Fillmore fire 2013 today is spreading swiftly. Officials tell news that two Fillmore brush fires are underway currently at 5:30 PM PST today April 8, 2013. A fire map is below.

Before the Fillmore Fire 2013 erupted today, high wind warnings were issued for sections of Southern California and LA County. PrepareSoCal tweeted at roughly 4 pm today “High Wind Warnings have been issued till 4/9 @ 6am. There may be power outages. If you see a downed power line DO NOT approach. Call 911.”

Later, VenturaCountyFireTSD reported a first blaze erupting shortly after 3:15 PM. The brush fire began in the 1200 block of Grand Avenue near Fillmore. Thereafter, a second fire erupted at 4:45 pm PST in the 1400 block of Goodenough Road. Reportedly less than one acre has burned. But part of a mobile home has been destroyed.

VenturaCountyFireTSD told news after 3 pm today that a brush fire was underway at “12000 Block of Grand Ave, Fillmore. Full response en route. #VCFD”. It later added “*TC Heavy Rescue* Hwy 118 in Somis. 4 Vehicles, 1 Critical. #VCFD… MCI Level 1, 4 Ambulances Total requested. 2 Critical, 2 Serious Patients. Hwy 118 Closed.”

By roughly 5 pm, VenturaCountyFireTSD updated news that units are “on scene of a mobile home fire that has extended into the brush. Structure & Brush Fire response en route.” It then added “1/4 Acre of brush, mod ros. knockdown of structure fire. Canceling structure response.” Moments thereafter, it wrote “2nd alarm brush fire now requested along with second copter”. New resources were added the fight by roughly 5:30 PM. “2 Fixed Wing + 1 Immed. Need Type 1 Strike Team ordered. Fire is currently bumping against structures in Fillmore.”

Currently the fire is threatening, “moving into Morris Rd. Area and threatening homes in area.” and is “bumping Hunter Drive, Fillmore, CA.” For continuing coverage, click HERE.

View Fillmore fire in a larger map

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