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Vicki Gunvalson Daughter Briana Wolfsmith and Ryan Culberson Share Baby Birth

 Vicki Gunvalson Daughter Briana Wolfsmith Gives Birth to Ryan Culberson Baby

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE) – Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana Wolfsmith gives birth to Ryan Culberson’s baby on RHOC’s premiere tonight. Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana Wolfsmith and Ryan Culberson battled several controversies since RHOC filming last ended. Many of those controversies won’t be detailed in tonight’s episode. But one matter will be revealed in previews for the RHOC season at the end of tonight’s telecast.

Vicki shares home video of Briana Wolfsmith in labor tonight. “Your lives will never be the same, from this day forward.” Bravo pauses the video and tells viewers that Briana was at least “four hours in labor.”.

After filming last ended, Vicki Gunvalson told news that she was unsure if Bravo would invite her back for another season. For weeks, Vicki said she wanted to return but was unsure if an offer would be extended. At the same time, some reports claimed that Briana Wolfsmith could replace Vicki as an RHOC housewife. Neither such development ever happened however.

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“We are going to have the baby. I don’t know how yet, but he is going to come out”, Briana tells her mom tonight. Vicki is delighted.

Vicki tells news “Yes. it fells like a dream that I am going to be a grandmother. I doesn’t really feel real until we got to the hospital. It never felt real. But now I am ready.” She added “My kid is having a kid. I always knew this day would come. I just never knew it could come this quickly. I can’t believe she is married and pregnant within one year. it came awful fast.”

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As Tamra Barney recently told LALATE exclusively, this RHOC season’s filming started in roughly summer 2012. At the time, Vicki and Brooks were still together. In previews tonight, viewers will watch as Ryan fumes with Vicki still over Brooks. That public battle heated up social media in fall 2012. The controversy is expected to come to light in RHOC by midseason.

Much has improved between Vicki and Briana since the 2012 reunion. Then, Vicki claimed some wall has grown between her and her daughter. “I feel like there is a wall between us. Now that we are at this place in our life… you have a choice or not be to be close to me.” Briana disagreed at the time. “I want to be close to you. I just don’t think you listen to me.”

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