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Lauri Peterson Secret Strikes Housewife Member: EXCLUSIVE

Lauri Peterson Secret Isolates RHOC Cast: EXCLUSIVE

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A Lauri Peterson secret strikes RHOC tonight. Lauri Peterson’s secret claims another Orange County housewife was allegedly swinging with her then husband and another woman. But LALATE can report that the secret has isolated at least one cast member.

LALATE was the first to exclusively report that Lauri Peterson would be returning to RHOC. At the time, when LALATE reported the same, Tamra Barney shared the report with her followers. Since then, the excitement about Lauri joining the show has slowed. Is the secret to blame?

Tonight, Lauri Peterson has a secret about another housewife. She delivers the allegation “I walked in and she was in the bed with another woman. And they were both in bed with another man.”

Lauri Peterson appeared in season four but sporadically. Her last season in which she appeared fully through all the episodes was in season three with Tamra Barney. Gretchen Rossi would not join the show until season four. But who is Lauri Peterson’s allegation about? The secret is clearly NOT about Gretchen Rossi nor Tamra Barney.

As previously reported on LALATE, Andy Cohen has been instrumental in getting Lauri back on the show. “I was wondering if anyone could ever convince Lauri to return to the show?” one viewer asked Cohen last year. Cohen replied “Yeah Lauri, how many times did I try to convince you!” Cohen and Lauri then reveal that she almost returned to the show for season six. “We almost got there [to contracting for] season six, it was close, but then I watched the show and [stops]….. I never say never.”

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