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Walmart Easter Operations Battle Target, Best Buy Closures

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ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Walmart Easter hours are prompting competition with Target and Best Buy today. Does Walmart have Easter hours of service, and are Target and Best Buy stores closed on Easter? While Easter is not a federal holiday, retailers elect whether to open or close on Easter Sunday each year. This year is no different. Walmart remains open for Easter, officials tell news; the store in fact is open on Easter Sunday during regularly business hours, reps tell news. Also open is Starbucks, Sears, and Kmart for Easter Hours along some McDonalds. But Target and Best Buy are closed on Easter, alerting customers to instead do their shopping online.

Annually, Easter Sunday hours prompts confusion across many top retailers. Since Easter is not a federal holiday, retailers have generally elected the same decision to open or close year to year. Walmart has consistently been open on Easter, the company tell news. The decision to remain open on Easter is a balance between consumer needs and the needs of employees and their families, analysts tell news. Walmart believes it achieves that balance while remaining open on Easter even though many of its competitors close that day.

Meantime, in related news, Walmart recently announced an effort to support women owned businesses around the world. The effort called Empowering Women Together focuses on nineteen businesses around the globe and can been witnessed in stores open this Easter.

“Empowering Women Together is a simple concept; it connects shoppers in the United States with quality products made by women-owned businesses around the world,” said Andrea Thomas, senior vice president, Walmart, in a news statement this month. “And in doing that, it helps achieve so much more. Through Walmart’s Empowering Women Together, customers can help these suppliers increase their incomes, better their lives and create new jobs for others, and Walmart can help these suppliers gain experience with buying trends, scaling, product development and acumen they need to build their businesses.”

Kelly Thompson, senior vice president of merchandising,, also tell news “As merchants, we’re always looking for new products to share with our customers that are quality, on-trend and priced right”. She added “The products from the Empowering Women Together collection deliver all of that while also giving our customers the chance to do good with their dollars – it’s a positive and powerful proposition for everyone.”

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