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Ghana vs. Egypt 2013 Battles for African U-20 Championship

en vivo live score results today Ghana vs. Egypt 2013 Battle for African U-20 Championship

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Ghana vs. Egypt 2013 (live score results below) battles for the African U-20 Championship today. The two teams have already qualified to the FIFA U20 World Cup as a result of reaching the semifinals. And while tonight should be a difficult match, this game is not the first time the two teams have met in this tournament, officials remind news.

Ghana vs. Egypt 2013 (start time 10:30 am PST) features two Group A teams who started this tournament battling one another. That game ended in a -2 win by Egypt. Egypt had scored first with Hamad. But at seventy-six minutes, Ghana tied up the game. Finally Gomaa came back with the game winning goal at eighty-seven minutes.

Since then, Ghana went on to beat Benin and Algeria in the Group stage, officials tell news. It delivered three goals in their next two games, winning them both and never giving up a single point. Egypt, in contrast, did much the same, with one point wins against the same countries.

In the semifinals, Egypt shocked news with a stunning 2-0 victory over Nigeria. Ghana however narrowly advanced on penalty kicks after a scoreless outcome during regular time. A scoreless outcome today, however, won’t give Ghana a title.

Today’s match follows yesterday’s Nigeria vs. Mali showdown for third place. Nigeria won that game in a close 2-1 final score. These top four teams will next compete in the FIFA U20 World Cup. For live score results today click HERE.

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