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Kordell Stewart, Porsha Stewart Divorce with No Prenup Agreement?

Kordell Stewart, Porsha Stewart Divorce with No Prenup Agreement

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Kordell Stewart and Porsha Stewart are divorcing without a prenup agreement? Kordell Stewart and Porsha Stewart have broke up, with Kordell divorcing Porsha this week. Initially, Kordell and Porsha implied on RHOA this season no prenup was in place prior to their marriage. In fact the existence or non-existence of a prenuptial agreement for the Stewarts has been a topic of discussion for many of the Housewives this season. But initial court documents this week suggest that the couple may have a prenuptial agreement in place despite what was Porsha said on the “reality” show.

Multiple RHOA women besides Porsha been discussing the need or lack of need for a prenuptial agreement this season on Bravo. In fact, last week’s episode featured Kandi Burruss asking her boyfriend if he too would sign a prenuptial agreement. During an interview with OK! Magazine, Kenya Moore was asked about the subject. Moore, who had written about Porsha possible lack of a prenup on this season told OK! “Presumably Kordell made the bulk of his earnings prior to marriage seeing that he retired from the NFL over 8 years ago. In most State law, the wife would not be entitled to previous earnings, only community property which is what is accumulated during the marriage.”

Kenya, like many of the RHOA personalities, believed Kordell opted against a prenuptial. “In my opinion, it’s smarter on Kordell’s part not to have one. I would absolutely have a pre-nup it protects both parties should the marriage be dissolved and makes any propensity or opportunity for financial gain transparent.”

Porsha, nevertheless, had dedicated an entire blog post on claiming that she did not have a pre-nup and doesn’t see the need for one. “In my opinion a marriage is a sacred union between two people coming together as one with love being that foundation, being one in mind, body, and spirit,” she wrote. “This means I want to agree with my husband and have like minds, I want to bond with him in the flesh (meaning anything that has to do with the natural things, whether it’s a sexual, monetary, or family issue etc.).” She also added “I also want to become one spiritually with my husband so that we are equally yoked. We have the same beliefs when it comes to God and how WE have our purpose shown to us by God. So through bonding with him in mind, body, and spirit there is no place for a piece of paper to stand between us,”

Many viewers this season have been deeply bothered by Kordell’s treatment about Porsha on RHOA this season. Off screen, Porsha Stewart told news this season that she was not bothered about rumors that plagued Kordell prior to their marriage.

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