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Camille Grammer: Who Owns Sur, Not Lisa Vanderpump?

Camille Grammer: Who Owns Sur, Not Lisa Vanderpump

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Camille Grammer fumed “who owns Sur”, asserting that Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t own Sur, this season on RHOBH. The ridiculously false allegation by Grammer marked Camille’s only major storyline this season. Tonight fans will be left guessing why Camille made the false allegation, and if that claim along with her Adrienne Maloof allegiance prompted her absence from the reunion telecast.

Why does Camille Grammer skip tonight’s reunion? Camille tells news that she left the show on favorable terms with the Housewives. But is that accurate? First, Grammer falsely accused Lisa Vanderpump of not owning Sur Lounge. Camille’s remarks followed Brandi’s remarks “Adrienne Maloof only owns 2% of the Palms”. Camille fumes “You aren’t the owner of Sur. You only owned a small piece of Sur. You didn’t own the whole thing.” Lisa replied “I never said that [I own one hundred percent of Sur]. I own fifty-one percent of Sur.“

While the allegation made have seemed petty at the time, it was part of a bigger backdrop. News reports last year claimed that the fellow housewives were deeply jealous that Lisa inked, and began filming at the time, her own Sur spinoff. While it remains unclear if Camille was jealous of Lisa’s Sur spinoff, Camille proffered her false “who owns Sur” claims at the same time that Sur filming was underway.

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Second, while Camille Grammer says she is happy to skip tonight’s reunion, she leaving unresolved her knowledge of Adrienne Maloof’s 2012 reunion ambush. While in Las Vegas, Camille told the women that Adrienne did call her and Brandi to meet at the Polo Lounge prior to the 2012 reunion telecast. Brandi says that Adrienne’s meet up was to stage an ambush against Lisa during the 2012 reunion. Camille conveniently didn’t recall that plan by Adrienne.

Lisa has said that Camille’s siding with Adrienne this season, and refusal to acknowledge the 2012 reunion ambush, is very obvious to viewers. “And then out of left field Camille [in Las Vegas] is trying to be a total b–h to humiliate me like Adrienne did about something that is totally ridiculous.” Lisa says that Kyle Richards, yet again, didn’t stop Camille. “This [with Camille] again would have been your chance [Kyle] to say, you know what … its nice to have a friend who turns around and says ‘you know what I am on your side and shut … up.’”

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In Vegas, Camille fumed “Do you talk about who owns your restaurants?” Lisa replies “I own Sur.” Camille held her ground. “You don’t own Sur.” Lisa grew more angry. “I own 51% of it.” Camille passes that off by replying “No, you are the personality of it. You are the front man.”

Camille claims that she won’t be heading to the reunion because she enjoyed her time with the women so well. But that was certainly not the case in Las Vegas. “I have truly enjoyed my time w/ show and the ladies:)”

Lisa later called Camille’s attempt at relevancy in Las Vegas as pathetic. In talking to Kyle, Lisa said “but you didn’t back me up. How many times have you been to Sur with me? …I’m not worried about Camille’s stupid accusations. To me that is pathetic.”

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  1. samm

    August 5, 2013 at 9:00 am

    I wish everyone would leave Camille alone. She has been through so much, surely genuine friends would rally round and help her, not put her down and walk out. True friends wouldnt come into your house and insult you the way they did. I can sympathise with her, I have been in a similar situation and I just wish I had been there to support Camille.

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