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Adrienne Maloof Secret about Family, Divorce Prompts Reunion Absence

Adrienne Maloof Secret about Family, Divorce Prompts Reunion Absence what did brandy say about adrienne

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – An Adrienne Maloof secret about her family said by Brandi Glanville prompts Maloof’s absence from the RHOBH reunion tonight. Andy Cohen won’t be revealing what is the Adrienne Maloof secret about her family this evening. But he will reference it. Viewers, as a result, are left to guess what did Brandy say about Adrienne, what is the Adrienne Maloof secret about her family, and why did Adrienne Maloof divorce Paul Nassif?

In an unprecedented move Monday, the usually reserve Andy Cohen offers an opening statement for his Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. He says that Adrienne Maloof is not going to be on the reunion show and that she has a secret. And with firm conviction, he says she won’t be back next season on the RHOBH show. Cohen doesn’t state that Adrienne Maloof was fired from the show, but his tone implies that she was not wanted back. Cohen fumes “Not only she is absent tonight but she won’t be on the show next season.”

Maloof has been telling news that she quit the show. So was Adrienne fired or did she quit? Cohen tonight makes no mention of Bravo wanting her back on the show.

But during his opening remarks, Cohen says that Adrienne has a secret and “refused” to speak about it tonight. “This season was hard on Adrienne. As you know, a secret about her family was revealed by Brandy. And from that point on, Adrienne refused to speak directly about it.”

Cohen pulls viewer sentiments under a curiosity blanket. He asserts that viewers all season long have wondered what is the “Adrienne Maloof secret”. Tonight he claims that the frustration grew throughout the season. “We know it frustrated all of you in the audience. It frustrated us too. If you have read the tabloids you might theories about what the secret is.”

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But it’s not exactly a “secret” since Adrienne Maloof and sources close to her have since revealed what allegedly transpired. The not-so-secret is allegedly that Adrienne Maloof’s twin sons were born via surrogacy. During the RHOBH Ojai trip, Maloof on camera volunteers that she had two cesareans, one for her first son, and one for her twin boys. At Sur, Brandi allegedly said Adrienne’s Ojai comments were allegedly false, that Maloof’s twins were allegedly born via surrogacy, not cesarean.

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Maloof has yet to confirm the “secret” as Cohen calls it. And she has yet to confirm that the “secret” was the reason why she skipped tonight’s reunion. But tonight, fans allegedly won’t get much clarity as to why Adrienne and Paul divorced either.

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Yet one thing is for certain. Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, and to some extent Camille Grammer have commented all season long about Maloof’s antics in last year’s reunion. Before the 2012 reunion, Brandi told Lynn in Chicago that Maloof allegedly plotted against Lisa in a pre-reunion meet up. Brandi claimed “It was like Survivor, they meet up to go after one or the other and so you’ll hear me say, ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t make the meeting’ they planned it all beforehand.They all decided to have a go at Lisa and it’s all silly, petty stuff!” OK Magazine claimed at the time that “Adrienne called all the girls together, they planned to go after her.”

This season, Adrienne has claimed that Brandi cares too much about her. Brandi asked “I care about your life?” Adrienne said “you absolutely do. You care about everything I do.” In the end, Adrienne and Paul never sued Brandi. Adrienne and Paul divorced. And Paul is now suing Chef Bernie.


  1. Mina

    March 27, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    That’s the secret?? OMG… I thought the kids weren’t Paul’s. who cares?? She went cray cray because of that? Stupid spoiled woman. No brains, no breeding!!

  2. liss

    April 4, 2013 at 11:17 am

    I think the problem is most likely because the kids don’t know. not a great way to find out because once its out there then they will know-by friends n such. I, sure that’s where the anger comes from and for that I don’t blame them for being so mad. they r protecting heir kids.

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