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Ghana vs. Sudan 2013: Gyan and Mubarak Strike in First Half

en vivo live score results today Ghana vs. Sudan 2013: Gyan and Mubarak Strikes

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Ghana vs. Sudan 2013 (live score results below) is off to a strong first half. Gyan and Mubarak have already scored for Ghana. But Sudan has yet to put up points. Can Sudan come back in the second half?

Ghana vs. Sudan 2013 is the latest World Cup qualifying match between these two countries. Ghana has three wins, two losses, in their last five games. Sudan, in contrast, has two wins and three losses in their last five matches, officials tell news.

Ghana is hoping to break a two game losing streak. The team has lost their recent games against Burkina Faso and Mali. Previously, Ghana impressed news with three consecutive wins. They defeated Mali, then Niger and finally Cape Verde Islands.

The situation has been different for Sudan. The team has been splitting games since September of last year, news analysts note. They impressed news with a win over Ethiopia last September. Then in a rematch they were defeated. Most recently they were beat by Tanzania, defeated Somalia and fell to Burundi.

After today’s match, the two teams will play against in June. Then Ghana will face Lesotho and finally Zambia in qualifiers. Sudan, in contrast, battles Zambia and finally Lesotho in September. For live score results today click HERE.

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