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Honduras vs Mexico 2013 Battles for Soccer Copa Mundial Spot

en vivo live score results today Honduras vs Mexico 2013 Battles for Copa Mundial Spot

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Honduras vs Mexico 2013 (en vivo live score results) delivers a critical Copa Mundial qualifying futbol match today March 22. The teams heat up the first of three CONCACAF soccer matches today. As officials remind news, only one game has been played in this round. As a result, current standings are bit misleading.

Honduras vs Mexico 2013 (start time 2:05 pm PST) follows one match by both teams in the current round of action. While Honduras won its game, Mexico drawed its match. As news analysts note, Honduras defeated USA back in February in a critical one goal victory. But Mexico drawed in its game against Jamaica. Mexico, however, cannot do the same today to remain competitive in the standings.

Previously, Mexico had been impressive. Last fall, the team won all three WC qualifiers. It defeated Costa Rica, then Guyana and eventually El Salvador, officials remind news. It delivered eight goals in three games but game up none. Since then, Mexico has struggled. It drawed a friendly against Denmark. And then it drawed in a qualifier against Jamaica.

Honduras’ record is the reverse, officials remind news. In the copa games through January, the team kept on delivering draws, first against El Salvador and then against Panama. But since then Honduras has improved. It beat Belize. And most recently, it shocked news in February with a defeat of USA in a qualifier.

Mexico needs a win tonight. If it doesn’t win Friday, Mexico could be in trouble for rankings this year. For live score results today click HERE.

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