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Tamra Barney Childhood Past Revealed in New RHOC Season

Tamra Barney Childhood Past Revealed in New RHOC Season

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Tamra Barney’s childhood past will be revealed in the RHOC season. Tamra Barney will for the first time reveal a childhood past that she believes will explain to viewers her lovable but sometimes assertive exterior.

In a news interview released today, Barney says that details about her childhood past will be explained in the new season to help give a more complete understanding to viewers about her life. Tamra is not describing it as a childhood “secret”. But she is referring to it as a notable storyline during the 2013 season.

Barney says this season she will  “also go into my past. Some things I bring up that happened to me as a child that might help people understand why I have a tough exterior. If people think I’m mean or cold it will give them a better idea of where I’m coming from.”

Barney says that her life is so active that producers often have cut back dramatically on her airtime. “It’s funny because the producers always joke with me that they have to cut my story line because I’m only allotted so many minutes per episode. (Season 8) you will see me wedding planning. Then there’s the (fitness) studio in the early stages like finding the location and the construction. There’s also my bachelorette party.”

Barney recently told LALATE that she is getting certified in BodyPump. But she also tells news today that she is keeping another license. “I still have my [real estate] license. It’s funny you asked me because it’s just come up for renewal. I’m taking my continuing education classes to keep my license because I don’t want to let it go.”

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