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Padma Lakshmi Not Dating Vikram Chatwal, Confirms She’s Single

Padma Lakshmi Not Dating Vikram Chatwal, Confirms She's Single

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Padma Lakshmi is not dating Vikram Chatwal, assuring news that she is single. Padma Lakshmi was not happy about false dating reports surfacing online from the NYPost this week. In typical suggestive text, the Post claimed that Padma was dating Vikram. Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef, Bravo) however told news to stop reporting purported lies about her.

Over the years, Padma Lakshmi hasn’t given a last chance kitchen to any false news reports about her. This week, Padma turned up the heart after a report in the Post claimed that she was vacationing with Vikram. The report had the wrong ingredients for Padma. “We’re told the couple just spent time together vacationing in India, and Chatwal was spotted Monday”.

Page Six proudly claimed that it “first reported on their romance in January”. Now it was claiming the two are a “new couple” and that their “love [is] in blossom”. They also used the distinctly bland expressions that the two “seem to be going from strength to strength”, whatever that means.

Padma had enough. She told news yesterday that it’s time for the reporters to pack their pens and leave the Top Chef host alone. “Pls stop the lies. I’m NOT dating anyone or vacationing with or ‘cozy’ with anyone. Susan S was my only date to Blossom Ball. #singleandfree.” Padma, 43, assures news that she is single and happy raising her daughter, Krishna Thea Lakshmi-Dell, 3.

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