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Big Bang Theory: Four Years of Change Surprises Cast

Big Bang Theory: Four Years of Change Surprises Cast

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Big Bang Theory’s four years of change in TV ratings was discussed by cast members this week with local news. With nearly unbeatable numbers now in 2013, the cast is shocked how the Big Bang Theory’s four years have progressed from nearly last to first in network standingss.

In 2009, the show was barely in the top 40 of network programs. But with producer Chuck Lorre’s vision, the show persevered. Sowly the show’s ratings improved. By 2011, Lorre himself was fuming with Charlie Sheen over Two and a Half Men.

Lorre wrote at the time on one Vanity Card for “Men” how tensions had grown. “It was more fun writing these things when I was fairly certain no one was reading them. That is no longer the case.” He added “These days it seems like every vanity card is getting scrutinized and criticized by network executives, corporate legal departments and publicity departments, TV journalists and tabloid bloggers.”

But with credits on Roseanne, Grace Under Fire and Cybill, and his own hit, 1997’s Dharma and Greg, Lorre finally was able to get the right creative mix for Big Bang storylines to excite fans. The key reportedly has also been syndication. Channels like TBS and FOX have been carrying reruns of the show to help catch fans up to date which earlier seasons.

But the cast even today is surprised by the ratings. “You’re kind of forced to watch the show now,” laughed Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz) this week. He also told news jokingly “We’re shoving it down people’s throats, and then they’re learning that they love that.” The show has jumped to number two overall with twenty million viewers weekly.

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