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NeNe Leakes Stripper Past, Opinions Anger Kordell Stewart

NeNe Leakes Stripper Past, Opinions Anger Kordell Stewart

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – NeNe Leakes’ stripper past, photos, video and name as “Silk” have been detailed on RHOA for years. But newcomer Kordell Stewart doesn’t want Porsha Stewart anywhere near strippers. That triggers anger from NeNe Leakes tonight who thinks Kordell should dress up like a woman and become a new housewife because he is inserting himself into storylines every week of the show.

Porsha tells news tonight “I asked you if it was a strip club and I don’t want to go to strip club. Kordell would not be okay with that.” Leakes is furious. NeNe Leakes’ stripper past as “Silk” has been revealed on RHOA for years. In 2009, her book Never Make the Same Mistake Twice revealed how stripping gave her empowerment. She told news at the time ” sold a fantasy not [my body]. That’s just what it was. I just felt very powerful. I made a ton of money and I just couldn’t stop. I bought a new car…. I paid my son’s tuition.” She told Bravo viewers three years ago “I thought of the men as my personal ATM machines.”

NeNe was a 25 year old single mom at the time. “My roommate and I were looking through a newspaper…we learned they were looking for a dance or stripper. I took the name of Silk. I felt very powerful…. I liked it.”

Tonight Kordell tells Porsha to stay away from strippers. NeNe gets angry. “Don’t come on this girls trip I you are not going to do all the girls stuff. Unless Kordell is putting on a wig and be a part of this girls trip we don’t want to hear about Kordell. This is a girls trip.”

Porsha says “it is not my preference. I come to Vegas all the time. A strip club is not my thing.” NeNe replies “ain’t no thing with a strip club. I worked in there for years.”

Kandi tells news “I am going to have fun somewhere. I’m thinking like you man is angry that you went to a strip club? Why is it so serious?” Phaedra Parks adds “nobody is trying to fool anybody but you would have to bee a fool to think that the Crazy Horse is a burlesque show.” But Porsha replies “I don’t like to see a girl to sell her body like that. It is just a personal choice.”

Kenya Moore gets the final remark. “I guess that papa Kordell did not sign Porsha’s permission slip to go on the field trip.”


  1. maci

    March 13, 2013 at 8:02 am

    Nene is a vicious women all the time to the women on the show she picks out to target. I think her 15 minutes of fame is time to fade to 0.

    You hear that ladies just sell your body in a strip joint and hope no one follows you home and kills you. Or someone follows you and demands more than a tease.

  2. nakema

    April 9, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    Nene is n will always b the s*** are you mad you haven’t “ARRIVED ” and you never will honey 😉 and kordell should get a mail order bride

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