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Erin Andrews Explains 50 Cent Kiss As Her Fault

Erin Andrews Explains 50 Cent Kiss As Her Fault

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Erin Andrews now explains the 50 Cent kiss as her fault. Erin Andrews turned down a 50 Cent kiss at Daytona days ago. And while it looked like the rapper gestured for the bizarre conduct during a Fox news telecast, Andrews says it’s not how it seems.

In late February, Erin Andrews was interviewing 50 Cent at Daytona. During one exchange, the rapper pulls Andrews by the waist toward him. He then appears to move in to kiss her on the lips while the interview is ongoing. Andrews turns away so the kiss lands on her cheek not her mouth. And she continues to run the news interview live, despite the rapper’s conduct. While that is what appeared on film, Andrews tells news that there is far more to the story.

“It was my fault. I was rushed – none of the drivers were in their spot for the Daytona 500 pit walk. They were all in the bathroom,” Erin told Access Hollywood this week. “Everybody was supposed to be in their spot and then they all went to the bathroom and I was scr–ed.”

So why did he kiss her? She tells news that she and 50 are business partners. She also asserts that he wasn’t trying to kiss her on the mouth, rather she was off balance at the time. She was trying to interview Danica Patrick and didn’t know which direction 50 Cent was moving towards. “I went and said hello [to him]. We’re actually business partners – I’m one of the spokespeople for SK Energy. He grabbed me, I went one way, they screamed ‘Danica,’ I whipped my neck, I got whiplash and it’s fine.” She added “As long as he makes me a lot of money with SK energy I’ll be happy!”

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