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The Bachelor 2013 Spoilers: Catherine Giudici Wrote Sean Lowe Letter

who wins The Bachelor 2013 Spoilers: Catherine Giudici Wrote Sean Lowe Letter

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Bachelor 2013 spoilers have now revealed who wrote the Sean Lowe letter. Ironically, the person who wins the Bachelor 2013 is the same person who wrote the Sean Lowe letter: Catherine Giudici.

For weeks, The Bachelor spoilers 2013 from RealitySteve have asserted that “the Sean Lowe letter” is simply a red herring. Steve tells news that he is consistently asked by fans who wrote the Sean Lowe letter. And while Steve reassures fans that he doesn’t know the identify of the author, he does know that the letter has no impact on Sean Lowe’s final rose. He claims that Sean’s decision between Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter in the final rose telecast is not changed because of the letter. But is he right?

Who wins the Bachelor 2013 has not been a mystery since fall 2012. At the time, Steve told news that Catherine Giudici is the winner, that she gets engaged to Sean Lowe, and that Catherine and Sean Lowe are still together. So when news first broke about this mystery Sean Lowe letter, Steve jumped on it, calling it an inconsequential twist added to dispel spoilers. Steve assures news that the letter has no impact on Sean’s decision.

This week, Steve tells news that other reports claim “that the person who wrote the letter Sean receives at the final rose ceremony is Catherine. ” He says he can’t confirm the same. “I haven’t been told who wrote the letter”.

Yet he assures news that the identification makes sense. He says “it certainly makes sense it would be her [Catherine]. I never thought it was the mother, nor did I think it was AshLee since she doesn’t make an appearance in the finale, and a letter just wouldn’t make sense for her. It was really only between Catherine and Lindsay, and Catherine seemed to make the most sense. I guess we’ll find out next Monday… I’d be shocked if it wasn’t Catherine’s letter.”

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In fall of last year, Steve first revealed his episode by episode The Bachelor 2013 spoilers. Each week has been correct. Now for Monday, Steve is still standing by his spoilers that Sean picks Catherine, that they get engaged, and that they are still together. But is he right?

Since filming starting, producers of the Bachelor 2013 have sued Steve a second time. They claim that he alleged obtained his spoilers in violation of a previous settlement agreement between him and producers.

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He asserts he does not. As previously reported on LALATE, Steve has brought a motion to dismiss the suit and Anti-SLAPP motion. But producers successful won a right to take expedited discovery upon Steve to learn about the source of his spoilers. That discovery is pursuant to producers’ attempts to dispute his motion to dismiss the case.

Catherine will be revealed as the winner next Monday. But Steve’s hearing on the motion to dismiss doesn’t come up until May. The question, however, remains, whether producers will be able to obtain details about the Steve’s sources.

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Producers had asked the Court for the right to expedited discovery. “Plaintiffs respectfully request that the Court grant its request for an order permitting Plaintiffs to conduct limited expedited discovery in order to oppose the Anti-SLAPP Motion, and for a continuance of the hearing on the Anti-SLAPP Motion and motion to dismiss to a date no later than May 6, 2013.” The Court agreed. The Court recently ruled “Having considered the Parties’ papers, we hereby GRANT Plaintiffs’ Application for leave to conduct limited discovery for the purposes of opposing Defendants’ Motion to Strike. “

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So what evidence allegedly exists? Producers claims “Direct evidence of how that information was communicated to Defendants, however, is in Defendants’ and third parties’ custody, possession, or control, and can only be gathered in time to oppose the Anti-SLAPP Motion if this Application is granted.”

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