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The Bachelor 2013 Spoilers: Catherine Giudici Still Engaged to Sean Lowe

who wins The Bachelor 2013 Spoilers: Catherine Giudici Still Engaged to Sean Lowe

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Bachelor 2013 spoilers claim that Catherine Giudici is still engaged to Sean Lowe. Who wins The Bachelor 2013 won’t be revealed tonight. The final episode in which Catherine Giudici wins The Bachelor 2013 will air next Monday March 11. Tonight, instead, will feature the Women Tell All episode. But one thing the women won’t be revealing is whether Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe are still together.’s Bachelor 2013 spoilers are expected to come true next Monday. In fall last year, Steve detailed episode by episode how all the women would be eliminated this season. So far he has been correct. He additionally hasn’t had to make any dramatic adjustment to his spoilers either. With Lindsay Yenter heading to the finals next Monday, Yenter will purportedly end her reign on ABC as well. Steve claims that Yenter was offered the Bachelorette role but doesn’t want it either.

RealitySteve’s accuracy has alleged displeased producers, he claims in recent court documents. Steve is being sued by producers, yet again, for the current The Bachelor 2013 spoilers. But Steve, in an Anti Slapp motion, alleges that he is being pursued because of his spoilers’ accuracy. “The Bachelor (hereinafter the Series), hate the fact that Defendants operate a website that publishes newsworthy updates and spoilers concerning several reality television shows, including the Series.” He also asserts “In a thinly-veiled effort to chill Defendants from posting spoilers, Plaintiffs filed a factually-devoid complaint against Defendant asserting two claims, each entirely conclusory and both wholly lacking merit.”

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While producers put forward their allegations about how The Bachelor 2013 spoilers were obtained, Steve claims the assertions are false. He however doesn’t indicate to the court how he gets his details so correct, season to season.

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He asserts “Plaintiffs filed the presentation alleging, without reference to anything other than pure speculation, that Defendants breached the Settlement Agreement in order to obtain spoilers information, and induced unspecified persons to breach their unspecified contracts with Plaintiffs. Because the complaint was filed to chill Defendants valid exercise of free speech, Defendants file this special motion to strike the complaint.”

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Steve was previously sued by producers. That case resolved with the parties signing a settlement agreement. Producers claim that Steve has since breached that agreement with his current Bachelor 2013 spoilers. He disagrees. “The term Indirectly also was specially defined in the Settlement Agreement to mean to employ, offer financial inducement, or pay financial inducement to a third-party intermediary to solicit non-public information about the Bachelor Series from a Cast, Crew, or other Employee.”

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The winner of the Bachelor 2013 season won’t be revealed until next Monday. Steve’s case, however, won’t come to a head until May. At that time, the court will decide whether to grant Steve’s motion to dismiss or whether the case will proceed.

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