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Kristen Doute of Vanderpump Rules Would Do RHOBH: EXCLUSIVE

Kristen Doute of Vanderpump Rules Would Join RHOBH: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kristen Doute of Vanderpump Rules tells LALATE that she has two new exciting films. Prior to tonight’s Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Kristen spoke exclusively with LALATE about life since filming season one. And one Sur’prise was Kristen’s admission that, if offered, she would join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a new cast member.

LALATE asked Kristen “Would you love to one day become a Real Housewife? Which show would you love to do?” She revealed to LALATE “I love watching Beverly Hills! It’s definitely not something I’m planning on but if it ends up that way, I wouldn’t be disappointed.”

Kristen and boyfriend Tom Sandoval appear opposite Eric Roberts and Nia Peeples in the film “23 Minutes To Sunrise” (here). LALATE asked Kristen “You and Tom star in the new film 23 Minutes 2 Sunrise coming out this month. What other exciting acting projects are you and Tom working on since Vanderpump Rules filming ended?” Kristen tells LALATE “Tom and I are really excited for 23 Minutes to Sunrise to finally be released. Coincidentally, it was our third movie together and in it we play a couple (I know, it’s a stretch). We shot the film last year near St. Louis, where Tom grew up.”

Later this year, Kristen will appear in the film “Blood On Canvas” (here) as well.  “While filming the show [Pump Rules] I had a film, Blood On Canvas, screen at the ITVFest in Los Angeles. I was nominated for Best Actress in a Drama and we took home the festival’s top honor – Best In Show.” She also added that “Katie was the music supervisor for that film, so it is something we are both extremely proud of. It also won Best Feature at the Michigan Film Awards and got a nod at LVFF. It will be coming out later this year. I booked my first comedy just recently, which will be wrapping next week!”

Kristen and Tom still work at Sur. But could there be wedding bells soon for the adorable couple? “We are both are at a place where our careers are just getting started. In LA there aren’t the same pressures or expectations to settle down as quickly. As of right now there aren’t any plans BUT Tom has been known for his spontaneity so you never know….!” Kristen tells LALATE that reality TV has actually brought her and Tom closer together. “Initially, yes… It definitely put us to the test but we just have constantly remind ourselves to have each other’s backs.” But she adds “The extra attention from female fans has been stressful and slightly taxing on our relationship.”

Kristen also revealed her beauty and fitness secrets for fans. “My number one rule is to ALWAYS take my makeup off at night! I use a night cream day/night, too. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 11 years old. I eat healthy, love to cook vegetarian meals at home and don’t really have a sweet tooth. I like going to the gym with my girl friends because we motivate each other.”

Meantime, Tom’s band is performing in May. “Tom’s band, Pierce the Arrow, is a mix of hippy, trippy rock with hints of pop through out. They have a show coming up May 18th in Lake Arrowhead opening up for Martha Davis and the Motels.” Fans can follow the band at Their new live album, A Good Lift, is on iTunes as well.

Fans can follow Kristen on Twitter @kristendoute, Instagram @kristendoute and on Facebook. The Pump Rules Reunion airs tonight on Bravo.

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