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MJ Mercedes Javid From Shahs of Sunset Didn’t Rob a Bank, Reunion Reveals

MJ Mercedes Javid Shahs of Sunset Didn't Rob a Bank, Reunion Reveals

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – MJ Mercedes Javid from Shahs of Sunset did not rob a bank fans will learn in tonight’s reunion. Rather MJ committed bank fraud. But that doesn’t stop Reza Farahan from hurling untrue accusations.

“MJ Robbed a bank?” reads’s lead photo today on its website. Then on Bravo’s Shahs’ page appears a video with the title “MJ Robbed a Bank?” The video is captioned by Bravo with the line “Reza accuses MJ of having robbed a bank but MJ tells her side.”

Reza goes on the attack during the Shahs of Sunset season 2, part two, reunion telecast tonight. But he is out line, delivering a series of fabricated statements. He first shouts at MJ “You robbed a bank, you don’t sell any real estate, you don’t have any hair, your lips are fake, your b-bs are fake, everything about you from head to toe is fake.” MJ replies calmly back “Your words mean nothing to me.”

That enrages Reza. He shouts even louder “Your words mean nothing to your country. You robbed a bank. You cant vote, you cant go to Canada, your option means nothing. She robbed a bank. She is a convicted felon.”

Yet there is something peculiar about this exchange. Months before the reunion, a series of news sites published reports that MJ was convicted of “bank fraud”, not “bank robbery”. So why is Reza using the erroneous words “rob a bank” still weeks later? Even more peculiar, Bravo cameras pan over to Lilly Ghalichi whose smile appears to grow during the Reza-MJ exchange.

Andy Cohen gives a perplexed look at Reza and asks MJ “What does that mean, did you rob a bank?”

MJ replies “Andy I did not. That is him twisting everything around. There was a group of … mafia that wanted to make some check deposits in this bank that I worked on without me putting the proper hold on the checks.” She later adds “Even though it was a mistake it was the only way I knew I could get out that alive.” She also amidst the whole thing is over twenty-years ago. MJ reveals it happened at age 17. So why is a teenage matter being brought up by Reza in a reality show about adults?

Mike jumps in and tells Andy “She had a public defender that made her make a plea. And that’s why it went on her record.”

Andy quickly gets the confusion resolved. “And what went o your record? Oh, bank fraud. And you were how old, and you had bank fraud on your record?” MJ further reassures Cohen that she was convicted of “bank fraud”, not “bank robbery”.


  1. Erin

    March 4, 2013 at 1:28 am

    Reza, I am so disappointed in you. I remember one of the first shows you specifically were telling Assa that talking cr p on someone’s parents or family was off limits in the Persian culture. Well, then I am really offended by the names that you were calling Vida, MJ’s mom. She might not be all warm and cuddly like your mom, but that’s still MJ’s mother for God’s sakes. How would you like it if someone called your mom those filthy degrading names? Very new sinkhole for you this season, Reza. Shame on you.

    MJ- who really cares if you are a social drinker. I haven’t seen you make an idiot of yourself. As far as the pills go, who freaking cares? An Ambien is not going to spur a massive tweak fest anyway. Good grief, it’s not like you have a bunch of hard core narcotic painkillers so who cares? None of what Reza was trying to embarass you about warranted a discussion on national tv. So don’t give him one. It’s none of his business, or anyone else’s for that matter.

    I am glad to see that Lily has dropped the moolighting judgemental two faced fiance. Yay!! Now her bikini line can rise to the top!!!! You are inspiration to women everywhere Lily. I am currently going to school studying law. I admire the fact that you chose a career that you were good at and were smart enough to keep doing. But what I admire the most, is you going for it with your own dream and your own business. To hell with all the haters of the bikini line. Nothing is wrong with designing beautiful bikinis for women. Good for you not giving in to the pressures of his friends and your family’s culture and narrow mindedness.

    As far as MJ’s mom goes, she is trying. I think she feels really guilty about abandoning MJ as a child, so she is trying to overcompensate for the time that she missed.

    But having said that, MJ you do nor need your mother’s approval or validation, or praise to lead a full and happy life. If she can’t stop with the toxic waste dumping into your life, then it’s time to call the dumptruck and unload that dirt where it goes, on her driveway. I do believe that your mom loves you. She is just really unhappy with herself and the decisions she made with her own life. She sees you as an extension of herself, and not you as an individual.

    If you accept that, then understand that she won’t ever change. You can either deal with her the way she is constantly criticizing, and nit picking, and not let it hurt. your soul.

    You had the blessing to be raised by a very loving and capable father. He seems like he really loves you dearly. And you should be grateful for at least one supportive parent. Some of us aren’t so lucky. So you are truly blessed.

    You are a successful businesswoman. You have done all of that on your own accord, and you are blessed. I too am a Real Estate Agent. I left the Real Estate Industry back in 2007 when the market tanked. I lost my career, my home, everything.

    But now I am going to get my bachelor’s degree in Law, Women’s Studies, University Studies, and Liberal Arts, and Spanish. So for that I am blessed to have the brains and capability to learn a whole new profession and be good at it.

    Mike many blessings to you and your hopefully soon to be fiancee. She is a perfect match for you and the fact that she is already studying Farsi shows how devoted she is to you and to your family. I cried when I watched you tell your parents that you want to be with her. Your dad’s words really choked me up. I had tears in my eyes all day remembering all the sweet genuine things that he said to you as he gave his blessing. Your mother too. What wonderful supportive and self sacrificing parents you had to leave the comforts and the wealth in Iran. The fact that they made such a wonderful life for you and for the family here in America just warms my heart. I am so supportive of Middle Easterners coming to America. Some of my best friend’s whom I call family, come from the Middle East. You are all hardworking, dedicated, and devoted Americans.

    Erin Valdez
    Fallbrook, CA

  2. Vanessa

    March 4, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    I’m disgusted with Reza and his behavior. He was so mean and hurtful towards MJ…it was just sad to watch. I couldn’t believe all the things he was saying. Even if somethings are true he went way too far. Obviously a friend of 20+ years is going to know a lot about you, but some secrets are not meant for the whole world to know. Not to mention in 20 years you are going to change a lot therefore bringing up stuff from years ago may or may not even be relevant anymore. Even if MJ was on something prescribed by her therapist (hello she goes to a therapist, she probably put her on some anti-depressants or anti-anxiety pills) it’s not like she’s out of control. Thousands of people are on prescribed medications…that is between her and her doctor.

    Last night Reza needed to be on some meds! He was out of control!!! MJ was calm, cool and collected.

    I love, love, love MJ. She really makes the show…I really like Mike this season too. He really is such a good guy…I agree with everyone else, I can’t stand Lily. Assa isn’t my favorite but don’t dislike her (unless she is being a mean girl with Reza). I think everyone is just jealous that MJ has a great time and doesn’t care…she’s awesome and one of the only reasons why I watch! <3

  3. J.R Winters

    March 10, 2013 at 7:41 am

    Let me start by saying I love this show! I love getting a look into another culture and seeing how a group of friends relate to each other.
    The reunion was crazy! Reza was the worst by far, which is surprising because usually Gigi is the one acting like a maniac. He gave the term drama queen a new meaning. One minute he was laughing and saying what a great experience he had, then he was aggressively ripping someone apart, then he was crying. WTF? Maybe he should take some of the pills he was accusing MJ of taking. He is self righteous and a bad friend. If my friend discussed my personal business on national television, insulted me, and yelled at me they would not be my friend anymore. He and Gigi should become buddies because they are both bullies and mean on the inside.
    If it weren’t for the good vibes and positive energy that Lilly and Asa give off this show would just be a continuous fight, which lets not lie, people love to watch. I don’t love to watch constant fighting but some people do. Hopefully we see more love in the future from this group because friends should love each other.

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