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Kandi Burruss Todd Tucker Wedding Date is Set

Kandi Burruss Todd Tucker Wedding Date is Set

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Kandi Burruss Todd Tucker wedding date is set. Kandi Buruss told fans today that her wedding to Todd Tucker has a date set. But she is not yet revealing to news the details.

Kandi Burruss appeared on Friday to discuss Real Housewives of Atlanta and the upcoming season of the Kandi Factory. Burruss told news that over the years “I’m writing for rap artists, pop, dance, everything.” She adds “it is cool to be able to switch it up.”

She also said that there is not much difference between real life Kandi and reality TV Kandi. But she added that Phaedra Parks is definitely more fun on TV than fans might think.

On Kandi Factory, fans will see her pair “the right song” with the “right artist”. “You are going to see the process that the person has the right song.” She says that sometimes a singer has great stage presence but still doesn’t have the right song and she makes changes.

But when asked “are you still in touch with Kim [Zolciak]”, Kandi said “no.” When asked “is it ironic that you are following her [reality show’s timeslot]? She said “yeah. I understand, they have put their shows in the best [tv] position. Both of us do have a strong following, so if you put both of us on the same night you are going to get a strong night.”

She laughed adding “at first I thought it wasn’t going to be right. But they did their research and they said it worked.” And she had one other thought. “I was thinking oh my God, is American Idol still going to be on. ‘No, Idol ends right before your show starts’ they said.”

So when is Kandi getting married? “We have a wedding date but haven’t been wanting to share that [date] yet.” When asked by LALATE if Todd will be on Kandi Factory, and if fans will see more gospel music following her recent release of “Stay Prayed Up”, Kandi told LALATE “Todd is not on the Kandi factory. Thank you for liking the song. We did not have a gospel artist but not say we would have them in the future.”

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