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Top Chef Seattle 2013 Winner? Brooke Williamson Faces Kristen Kish

 who wins Top Chef Seattle 2013 Winner chef Brooke Williamson Faces chef Kristen Kish spoilers

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who is the Top Chef Seattle 2013 winner? Does Chef Brooke or Chef Kristen win Top Chef Seattle 2013 final results tonight? Top Chef Seattle, the tenth season of the hit reality show, will tonight name either Chef Brooke Williamson or Chef Kristen Kish the winner of the competition. Unlike other reality shows heading into their final episodes this month (i.e. The Bachelor), there are no good Top Chef 2013 spoilers online. And while Bravo is promoting tonight’s telecast as a “live audience”, the show is not exactly live.

Padma Lakshmi tells news tonight that “for the first time ever [… a Top Chef finale] is taking place in front of a live audience.” Winners from the prior nine seasons are in the audience as well. Padma reminds news that “fighting her way back from Last Chance Kitchen after a controversial elimination is Chef Kristen Kish”. Chef Kristen of course was eliminated in the stunning decision after Restaurant Wars.

Padma also reminds viewers that Kristen will face “the chef with the most wins this season”, Chef Brooke Williamson. Brooke has been confident all season long that she is better than the entire field of chefs, with perhaps the exception of Kristen. Brooke has often said “Kristen is my biggest competition.”

Padma tells news that the tonight’s telecast will have far more courses than previous episodes. “The chefs have assembled their teams and are hard at work to serve 5 dishes to 160 diners.”

Brooke tells news tonight “I have a four year son and I don’t have a lot of adventurous things to do. I want to prove him you can overcome your fears. I have a lot of phobias, and I don’t want to pass those on to him.” She adds “I don’t like boats, helicopters, heights. I think overcoming my fears will prove to him he can do the same.”

She also tells news that “if there is one thing I would say to my son, be proud, be brave and conquer everything you want in your life. To win the title of Top Chef would mean everything to me. ”

Kristen is exceptionally popular among the audience members and proves to be superbly competitive. “The past year I have been very fortune to trust my vision…being a chef and cooking is one of the most important things of my life.” She still admits the outcome of Restaurant Wars was unfair. “Yes, going into to Restaurant Wars, it was my concept, my food, ill take responsibility for them.” Yet she tells news “I was definitely eliminated too early. I will do everything that is in my being to win.”

So what will she do if she wins Top Chef? Chef Kristen reveals she is adopted and wants to go back to her native Korea for a vacation. “With a portion of the money I will take a trip to Korea. I was born there, I was adopted and moved to Michigan when I was four months old.” She added “the one thing I miss is two people who look like me. I just want to see where I came from.”  UPDATE 8 PM: KRISTEN has won Top Chef.

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  1. David Cummings

    April 25, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    I enjoyed the show and wish the winner of this season’s show, 2013, all the best in her future.

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