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Laura-Leigh Vanderpump Rules Cast Prompts Second Season Anticipation

Laura-Leigh Vanderpump Rules Cast Prompts Second Season Anticipation

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Laura-Leigh’s Vanderpump Rules cast departure in the season one finale prompted confusion Monday. Laura-Leigh, having booked a film with Jennifer Aniston, quits Sur abruptly. But moments later, Jax Taylor does the same, telling Lisa Vanderpump that he too wants out of Sur. Earlier in the season, viewers watched a Lisa fired Frank. So who exactly would return for a second season of Vanderpump Rules, and would then all be working at Sur?

When LALATE first reported details about Bravo’s plans for a spinoff, the show was called “Sur”, not “Vanderpump Rules”. When official rollout of the show was announced to news, Bravo switched the show’s title to its current version. Then came press photos of the cast.

As viewers have seen this season, Vanderpump Rules’ cast photos are problematic. One larger cast photo features several members who appear on screen but do no appear in bios or blogs. A second smaller cast photo still did not feature Laura-Leigh. Yet, as the season progresses, fans suddenly realized that real protagonist to Pump Princess Stassi was Laura-Leigh.

However, Laura-Leigh would not be given a cast bio, blog, and image on Unlike other Bravo shows, cast members didn’t get separate blogs but interviews lumped together. And in those, Laura-Leigh did not appear either.

In fact, other cast members appear to make little reference to her as the show concluded. Tom Sandoval, when asked by news “Anything you want to share with the viewers pre-reunion?”, says “Something we all have really tried to convey this entire season is how close and deep rooted our relationships with one another really are.” He added “We have all been through so much prior to even filming and always work through it. This last summer was by far the most traumatic and eventful time for us thus far. Since we wrapped we have been through even more, but we are currently all on good terms and still patching up the pieces. ”

But what happened to the pieces of Jax and Laura-Leigh after filming ended? Following the Aniston film, does she return to Los Angeles, do tensions renew with ex-summer flame Jax Taylor? With a seasoned group of producers, Pump Rules knows that, for a second season, there must be more conflict than just Jax vs. Stassi. But all indications by next Sunday’s reunion, such tensions appear to still exist.

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