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Jax and Stassi Get Back Together in Vanderpump Rules Reunion?

Jax and Stassi Get Back Together in Vanderpump Rules Reunion

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are Jax and Stassi back together in the Vanderpump Rules Reunion? Jax and Stassi breakup in the Vanderpump Rules finale last night. But Andy Cohen, with this look of confusion, told viewers last night that a lot has changed since filmed ended in 2012.

As previously detailed on LALATE, Vanderpump Rules was shot in spring through roughly summer 2012. But the Vanderpump Rules Reunion was filmed just weeks ago . So do Jax and Stassi get back together, are Jax and Stassi engaged, did Jax get a woman pregnant in Las Vegas, and what was her name? Andy Cohen serves up a Sur plateful worth of details in the Vanderpump Rules Reunion. Bravo made the smart production decision to film the reunion show, not in a studio, but actually inside Sur Lounge.

Andy asks Jax why he confessed to cheating on Pump Princess Stassi. Jax tells news “I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to be honest. It was eating at me.” He adds “I hurt the girl that I thought I was going to marry one day. I hurt everybody. I’m pretty upset. I’m just keeping it in.” But his cast thinks he did it to win TV viewers’ hearts.

The rest of the cast is not happy with Jax. As viewers know, the Vanderpump Rules cast is filmed with several actors, playing themselves, in a reality show, while seeking fame, which they have since gotten. So in the reunion the cast basically accuses Jax of twisting and turning the show’s filming to evoke viewer sentiments for him at the peril of others. Jax is told by the cast “You come clean. You apologize. But I think you do it to get pity sometimes. It annoys the .. out of me.”

Andy then asks if Jax is a pathological liar. Some of the cast says he is, why Jax disagrees. “They expect you to not be telling the truth. Are you a pathological liar?” Cohen asks Jax (real name Jason). “I know this guy is a pathological liar. I’m still his friend though!”

Finally Andy asks if Jax and Stassi are still together or not. It appears, at least on its surface, that the two are not giving Cohen a clear answer, clearly to tease a second season. “So after all this has happened do you think you have a chance of winning her back?” Jax replies to Andy “I hope so.” Stassi implies that they are not together. But is that true? “I don’t ever say no to anything. It would take a lot.”

Jax adds “It is tough to sleep at night. I miss her. My heart is still with her. I love her, I’m not going to give up on her.” Stassi is asked “Are you still in love with him?” She replies “I’m never going to meet someone like Jax. We had something special.”

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