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Giggy the Pom Alopecia Prompts Lisa Vanderpump Dog Plans in France

Giggy the Pom Alopecia Prompts Lisa Vanderpump Plans

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Giggy the Pom aka Giggy Vanderpump-Todd, Lisa Vanderpump’s dog, has alopecia, the RHOBH star tells news tonight. As result, vacationing on the French Rivera in the stunning sun creates problems for Lisa’s dog. Lisa and Ken Todd on Monday evening battle plans for Giggy’s international travel through France.

Lisa and Ken Todd to their enormous bedroom this evening on Bravo to plan for a French getaway. The cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are off to Paris. And by cast, that of course includes Lisa’s dog Giggy Vanderpump-Todd.

Lisa emerges from the bedroom to reveal a series of wardrobe changes for herself. Ken loves each one. So Lisa tells news “what is Giggy going to wear is far more important.” Lisa adds “what he is going to do on the beach? He can’t go unclothed because of his alopecia.” What is alopecia and how does it strike pets? According to, alopecia can involve “patches of hair loss especially on … neck, and body; no itching”.

Ken reassures Lisa tonight. “Giggy will slay under the umbrella.” Last year, Giggy was nominated for a TV award because of his appearances on RHOBH. Giggy was nominated for the first ever Best Dog in a Reality Television Series category nomination. Created by the Dog News Daily, the Golden Collar Awards honors the best in TV and film performances by a dog. He battled against Spartacus (Ice Loves Coco), Hercules (Pit Boss), and Millou (RHONY).

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