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MJ Mercedes Javid of Shahs Admits Bank Fraud Criminal Past

MJ Mercedes Javid of Shahs Reveals Bank Fraud Criminal Past not robbed a bank

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – MJ Mercedes Javid of Shahs reveals a bank fraud criminal past tonight. MJ did not “rob a bank”, as Reza Farahan falsely claims during the Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 2. Rather MJ confessed to bank fraud at age 17 for failing as a bank teller to put a proper hold on check deposits.

Reza Farahan hurls shockingly false accusations against MJ on Shahs of tonight, shouting multiple times that she “robbed a bank”. Reza falsely tells fans that MJ committed bank robbery. Both Andy Cohen and Mike Shouhed have to cut him off.

Reza first begins to shout at MJ that “coming from this felonious, s- talking, can’t admit anything real… you robbed a bank! You don’t sell any real estate. You don’t have any hair. Your lips are fake… Your words mean nothing to your country. You robbed a bank.”

Andy Cohen stops Reza and asks him “robbed a bank?” Reza repeats his falsehood. “She robbed a bank!” As previously detailed on LALATE, the Shahs reunion was only taped weeks ago. But details about MJ’s criminal past were online last year. Those news articles available to the cast at the time, including Reza, indicated that MJ committed bank fraud, not bank robbery.

MJ exclaims “absolutely not true”. Cohen asks her “did you rob a bank?” Reza jumps in and shouts “Yes!” Multiple times during the segment Reza is seeing smiling. MJ replies “I did not. That is completely him twisting everything around. What happened is I was working in a bank and there were a group of … mafia that wanted to make some check deposits into this bank that I worked in without me placing the proper hold on the checks. My life was threatened. I was scared for myself. I was scared for the safety of my family. And even though it was a mistake, at that time it was the only way I could get out”.

At that point, Mike jumps in and says “she had a public defender who made her take a plea and that is why it went on her record.” Cohen further inquires “what went on your record? MJ replies “bank fraud. Not robbery. I was 17.”

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