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The Bachelor Spoilers 2013 About Winner Catherine Giudici Prompt Court Order: EXCLUSIVE

The Bachelor Spoilers 2013 About Winner Catherine Giudici Prompt Court Order: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The Bachelor Spoilers 2013 about winner Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe prompted a new court order on Tuesday. That evening, TV viewers wondered who wins the Bachelor 2013, is Catherine Giudici really the Bachelor winner, and are Sean and Catherine still together. That morning, however, a Los Angeles court wondered if producers of the Bachelor can take limited discovery against to reveal the source of his Bachelor 2013 spoilers in producers’ attempts to oppose his Anti-SLAPP Motion.

On Tuesday, the Honorable George King granted the producers’ motion against RealitySteve about discovery. The producers had sought to take limited expedited discovery against Reality Steve (Stephen Carbone) to oppose his motion to dismiss. Producers also sought to continue the hearing on the motion to dismiss. But items were granted by the court, LALATE can report.

The Parties had agreed to allow limited discovery on RealitySteve about his Bachelor 2013 spoilers prior to a ruling on the. Anti-SLAPP Motion But the two sides “could not reach an agreement” about the scope of the discovery about the Bachelor 2013 season.

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RealitySteve had argued that the producers’ requests upon him for documents and other discovery were “not sufficiently specific, exceeds the scope of the settlement agreement, and infringes on Defendants’ journalist’s privilege”. The Court disagreed however and granted the producers’ request. The court moved the hearing on the motion to dismiss from March 18 to May 6.

RealitySteve last fall revealed in his Bachelor 2013 spoilers that Catherine Giudici wins this season. He also revealed to news that Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are still together and still engaged.

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So what do producers want to know from Steve about this current spring? Apparently at issue are alleged documents starting from May last year. “Specifically [.. producers want from him] … documents, including communications from May 1, 2012 through the present relating to The Bachelor Series, through online services such as email, Facebook, and Twitter between Defendants and any past, present, or future participant, cast member, crew member, or employee of The Bachelor Series; and documents or communications relating to or reflecting any offers by Defendants for money or other inducement to any person related to The Bachelor Series.”

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The request upon Steve granted by the court also sought alleged sources of purported confidential information. “Plaintiffs […seek RealitySteve] to identify, among other things, the sources for all confidential information relating to The Bachelor Series and posted on Defendants’ website. In addition, with leave of the Court, Plaintiffs would depose either or both defendants, and potentially third parties”.

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Steve’s Anti-SLAPP Motion (more HERE) remains pending until May. In December he told news that next week’s episode heads to Thailand. Steve indicated that during next Monday’s telecast AshLee Frazier is eliminated. From there, Lindsay and Catherine head to the finals with Catherine getting engaged to Sean.


  1. Elenute Nicola

    February 24, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Get rid of Reality Steve’s spoilers. It is hard to avoid them when I read about The Bachelor, and I’d like to enjoy the suspense without him messing it up.

  2. teetee

    February 27, 2013 at 6:24 am

    Are folks truly beleiving in this show?? Its all scripted anyway, ABC picks the winner ahead of time.. its not “love”, maybe “like” at the most.

    Just like they chose Emily, they wanted her, and it still did not work out because she was picked despite her hunger for fame, ONLY.

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