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Melissa Rivers Boyfriend Jason Zimmerman Cheating Renews JKB Storyline

 Melissa Rivers Boyfriend Jason Zimmerman Cheating Renews JKB Storyline

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Melissa Rivers’ boyfriend Jason Zimmerman and his cheating scandal photos dominated the last season of Joan Knows Best. Tonight, fans are left guessing who is Melissa Rivers’ boyfriend 2013 and what happened to Jason Zimmerman.

In the season premiere of Joan Knows Best tonight, Joan finds Melissa Rivers in bed with a new man. In another scene, Joan suspects Melissa is back romantically with her ex-husband. Promos for the show feature the tease that “boundaries” may be crossed.

WeTV tells news today that the season premiere tonight will feature Melissa Rivers purusing a new boyfriend 2013 while battling her past. “Melissa’s ex-husband stays overnight at her house for the first time since their divorce.” Melissa tells Joan tonight “Mom, ex’s can be friends.” Joan replies “fine, I believe that. I also believe that Taylor Swift is a virgin and that Miley Cyrus can read.”

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Last season, Jason Zimmerman’s cheating allegations delivered the biggest ratings of the season for WETV. This season, Zimmerman is not expected to make an appearance. But references to last season’s turmoil are anticipated.

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Melissa told news last season “breakups are always hard. I am a firm believer in the theory that everyone is the star of their own movie. And what I mean is that, it doesn’t mean if my breakup is worse than yours, or yours is worse than mine, the pain is the same. It is not a competition who has more drama.”

Melissa did not like how the turmoil impacted her son’s life. “It was incredibly difficult to manage my own emotions… and explain the whole thing to Cooper. How to you explain that to a 10 year old?” She adds “How do you, how I even know the timing was right. My biggest fear was that he was not going to hear it from me, but from someone else. I was in no way ready to have the conversation with him. But my hand was forced.”

Last season, Joan gave support for her daughter as the scandal erupts. Joan said “I cannot tell you what it is like to see your child’s dreams smashed. She was setting up a family; they were trying to have a baby together. You just wish you could take all the pain and just put it on yourself. I’m a tough old …. I can take the pain much better. “

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