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The Bachelor Spoilers 2013 Dispute How Sean Lowe Picks Winner Catherine Giudice

The Bachelor Spoilers 2013 Dispute How Sean Lowe Picks Winner who wins

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Bachelor Spoilers 2013 last night disputed how Sean Lowe’s winner is picked this season. For weeks fans have been wondering who wins The Bachelor 2013, who does Sean Lowe end up with, and does Sean pick Catherine, and are Sean and Catherine still together? Catherine Giudice is The Bachelor 2013 winner, told news last fall. But last night, Steve revealed more twists as the “Sean Tells All” special began to air.

On a special Tuesday night telecast, producers decided to air a “Sean Tells All” segment, taped on set, in a studio, not in Thailand. Fans of The Bachelor spoilers 2013 already know that next week’s episode heads to Thailand. And savvy fans know that the Thailand episode was taped months ago, while the Sean Lowe Tells All episode was taped just days ago. Lowe purportedly shared Instagram / Twitter images of the taping with fans at the time.

But on Tuesday night, “reality” television with Sean Lowe took a new low. It left even RealitySteve surprised. “Are they [the Bachelor] seriously trying to play this off like [tonight’s episode …] was taped right before he [Sean Lowe] left for Thailand, and not two weeks ago when it [tonight’s episode] actually was [taped]?” One fan tweeted “it looks like they are, hilarious.”

Steve actually had to explain to viewers the confusion that was erupting. “Just to bee clear so it’s not asked 1000 times. This episode tonight was not filmed right before Thailand. It was filmed a couple weeks ago.”

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According to Zap2it, on last night’s episode, Chris Harrison turns to Sean Lowe for a peculiar exchange. “Harrison asks Sean what his expectations are on the overnight dates. He says he’s ready to spend time alone with the women, but that whatever else goes on is nobody’s business. Hmm. That didn’t really answer anything.”

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Ironically when the telecast was announced by programming weeks ago, Steve didn’t expect much of it, since it was filmed recently. “I really don’t think there’s going to be anything earth shattering that Sean says tonight on this show. It was taped a couple weeks ago, and he’s just gonna talk about some of the girls he eliminated and break down the final three girls and his feelings.” Apparently, that was not the case. In fact at the time last night’s episode was taped, Sean Lowe has picked a winner, and is engaged.

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As one fan wrote last night “it’s just bizarre that they then acted like it was way back before [next week’s] overnights [episode]”. Another viewer was left confused by the decision to air the remarks last night, considering “Sean even instagramed a pick of himself doing the interview, 2 weeks ago.”

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