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Oscar Pistorius Reeva Steenkamp Case: Gerrie Nel Disputes Bail, Burglar Defense

 Oscar Pistorius Reeva Steenkamp Case: Gerrie Nel Disputes Bail Burglars Defense photos

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Oscar Pistorius, Reeva Steenkamp case did not get a bail determination this morning. Oscar Pistorius is charged in the death of Reeva Steenkamp (photos below) with premeditated murder. He claims that he made a mistake and thought that there was Reeva was a burglar. But prosecutor Gerrie Nel told the Court that the burglar defense still can return a conviction on premeditated murder.

A court adjourned today without a determination on bail for Oscar. His defense lawyer Barry Roux told the court that this was not premeditated murder. He asserted that Pistorius thought his girlfriend t Steenkamp was a burglar.

Defense disputed the allegations of the prosecution that Oscar planned to girl the model. Prosecutors claim that the athlete put on his prosthetic legs, grabbed a fire arm, and shot towards the bathroom. But defense told the court “This was not even murder,” and that Oscar had no way to know who was in the restroom. The defense even asserted that the athlete had no idea who was on the other side of the toilet door. The defense also disputed allegation that Oscar put on his prosthetic legs

The court heard arguments about intent and lack of intent, between spontaneous and premeditated. Prosecutors said “It was pre-planned up until the time that he shot her. If he felt bad after that, that’s something different.”

Reeva Steenkamp Pictures Set 1
Reeva Steenkamp Photo 1
Reeva Steenkamp Photo 2
Reeva Steenkamp Photo 3
Reeva Steenkamp Photo 4

Prosecutors also made a big issue with the bathroom door being locked. They told the Court they would not divulge those details just yet. The broken door is important… She was there, she locked the door for a purpose, and I’m not allowed to give you that purpose now.” In detailing their description of the encounter, the government said “I walk seven meters, I see a bathroom door, I shoot… The motive is to kill.”

Reeva Steenkamp Pictures Set 2
Reeva Steenkamp Photo 5
Reeva Steenkamp Photo 6
Reeva Steenkamp Photo 7
Reeva Steenkamp Photo 8

But defense says the door lock had a different purpose. “All we know is that she locked the bathroom door and he shot, thinking she was a burglar.” Defense also told the court “His case is she was shot through the bathroom door. Why would you then break open the door?”

Reeva Steenkamp Pictures Set 3
Reeva Steenkamp Photo 9
Reeva Steenkamp Photo 10
Reeva Steenkamp Photo 11
Reeva Steenkamp Photo 12

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel asserted the basis for the murder charge. “The applicant shot an unarmed and innocent woman.” Nel said that there is no other version of what transpired that day. “The applicant has not furnished a version of any sort.” Nel also fired back at the defense of a burglar. Nel asserted that an unarmed “burglar” still can give a premeditated charge. “We say that was all part of the pre-planning.” He added even with a burglar it “constitutes premeditated murder”.

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