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Dog and Beth: On the Hunt Delivers Bounty Hunter to CMT

Dog and Beth: On the Hunt Delivers Bounty Hunter to CMT

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” will be the new Dog the Bounty Hunter show for CMT, the network tell news today. “Dog and Beth” was chosen after a name submission was conducted with fans over the weekend. For Dog the Bounty Hunter viewers, much of the original words from the A&E series title survived. But the scenery has not. The show this time won’t be filmed in Hawaii.

CMT tells news today that Dog and Beth Chapman will travel outside Hawaii to chase down convicts across the continental US. Despite the show’s name, they will be also feature Leland Chapman.

CMT ordered eleven episodes for the show’s first season. The show’s debut date was announced today as April 21, 2013. Dog says that the show gives Americans a new insight to how bail agents risk their lives to keep their community safe. Beth in a news statement further explains that “CMT gives Dog a chance to do what he loves best — catching fugitives and changing lives while showing America that bail agents are needed much more than they realize.”

Much like the original series, the new show purportedly with have one episode arches. The show will purportedly feature a different hunt or hunts unveiled at the beginning of episode and resolved by the end of the telecast. But do any of the criminals ever get anyway? For now that remains to be seen. But the show will feature a new facet. CMT tells news that the show will feature “tactical tracking and high-tech device training” during each episode.

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