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Vanderpump Rules: Lisa Battles Stassi and Jax, with Spray Tan

Vanderpump Rules: Lisa Battles Stassi and Spray Tan

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – More Vanderpump Rules debuts tonight as Lisa Vanderpump battles Stassi and Jax, Sur and spray tan. Does Stassi and Jax get back together, and does Lisa fire Stassi for good from Sur?

First in the lead-in on Beverly Hills Housewives, a new Vanderpump rule is unveiled to the Housewives. Unofficial rule number 209 is don’t wear spray tan to a white party and then hug someone. Lisa Vanderpump sees a friendly Adrienne Maloof at Kyle’s white party. But Adrienne is covered in dark spray tan. Lisa is left traumatized, even by Beverly Hills standards.

Lisa says that, last season, she invited Adrienne over to her old house. Lisa claims that Adrienne sat on her white sofa and left a big tan mark. “Adrienne’s spray tan was huge. .. It was over my white chair.” Lisa further fumes “Adrienne has left brown make out all over my sofa that I had to re-cover eighteen months ago.”

Maloof tells Lisa to loosen up. “It’s self tanner. It’s suppose to be all over.” But Lisa fights back “this dark brown imprint all the way from the top the bottom of my sofa [was left by Adrienne]”.

So is Stassi going to get fired from Sur for good? Pandora tells Stassi on Sur later “Right now you say you want to be a fashion writer, and you say that this is what you want for your career, and I haven’t seen it. To be a fashion writer you have to write. To have a recurring fashion column, it has to be recurring.”

But Lisa has about had it with Stassi. “You’re very close to losing your job at SUR. Stassi I mean it, there’s no more –, because we can’t put up with it anymore. If you can’t deliver, we will replace you.”

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