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Titanic Violin of Wallace Hartley Prompts Auction Debate

  Titanic Violin of Wallace Hartley Heads to Auction

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Titanic violin of Wallace Hartley is heading to auction. The Titanic violin is expected to bring a historic sum because of the mystery about the violin over the years and the confusion about the final monuments of the eight member band.

For years, Titanic historians have detailed how the eight member band played as the passengers exited into lifeboats. Later on, the bodies of two band members and their leader were recovered. Violinist John Law Hume from Dumfries in Scotland and bass player John Frederick Preston Clarke from Liverpool were recovered.

But for years, historians have debated whether Wallace Hartley’s remains were found or not. Newspaper reports claimed that Wallace Hartley’s body was found with his violin strapped to his chest. The Office of the Provincial Secretary in Nova Scotia report that his body was found but did not mention any violin. Reportedly recovered from Hartley were an earring, a pen, a silver matchbox, a gold cigar holder, a watch and chain, a collar stud, a pair of scissors and two documents.

The auction is being handled by Henry Aldridge and Son. Aldridge previously told news “When I first saw it five years ago I was amazed. If I did not think that the probability was there I would not have bothered. The research is expensive business but because of the historical importance of this item the money is secondary. We cannot rush the scientists.”

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  1. Phillip Hartley

    February 19, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    The property of my Great Uncle should not be for sale. In tribute to him, and his band it should be in a museum.

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