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Lilly Ghalichi Cars Drive into the Shahs of Sunset Reunion

Lilly Ghalichi Cars Drive into the Shahs of Sunset Reunion

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Lilly Ghalichi’s cars shock Andy Cohen during the Shahs of Sunset reunion tonight. Lilly’s cars take center stage after the Shah defends allegations about their vehicles.

In a moment that is over the top, even for Bravo standards, Lilly Ghalichi will turn to Andy Cohen tonight and hand him title documents on her cars. “Here is [one for] my Bentley. Here is my Fisker. Here is the Ferrari I just got. Here is the Rolls Royce that I also drive on the show… It is so pathetic that I have to bring these documents to defend myself.”

Andy Cohen evokes a Judge Judy role for Bravo tonight as Lilly presents document after document to defend herself against claims by MJ. But in a true Cohen classic, Andy doesn’t hold back. He looks at one document and turns to Lilly. “By the way, this Rolls is $280,000?” Lilly says “I don’t need to brag about that.” But Cohen laughs at Lilly. “Well you brought the bill of sale [on the show].”

Is Cohen right about Lilly bragging? In June 2012 she wrote “There was a waiting list for the car when we first got it a few months ago, and I believe only 1000 were sold in the entire US. I know Justin Beiber and Al Gore both have one lol.” She also said the car looks “gangsta”. “My Fisker has a white exterior with a black interior gangsta.”

Lilly says “I have heard MJ saying that my boyfriend is supporting me.” MJ replies that she is only repeating what Lilly has written.

Lily tells Cohen tonight that Fisker is “her” car. But in June she wrote “I can’t take credit for this car though, it was actually a gift from my x-bf.” She will also tell Cohen “I own a millionaire company. I don’t need my boyfriend to support me. If he wants to, he can.”

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  1. ally

    July 31, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    So is it just a coincidence that all of her cars are the same as all of her ex Ali’s cars? Hmmmn

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