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Asa Soltan Diamond Water Joins Shahs of Sunset Reunion Food

Asa Soltan Diamond Water Joins Shahs of Sunset Reunion Food

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Asa Soltan’s diamond water joins the Shahs of Sunset reunion food fest, literally. Asa Soltan Rahmati might discuss boyfriend Jermaine Jackson Jr. and Persian Palooza tonight on the Shahs of Sunset reunion. But you will need some Diamond Water to digest what Andy Cohen has served up, literally.

While Bravo is known to serve a full course of drama in reunion shows, tonight’s reunion set actually serves a full course. What is in the Shahs of Sunset reunion set tonight, fans might ask. Is that really all food?

Asa tell news that Bravo fans will see something never before in a Bravo reunion set: a massive buffet of delicious Persian food. On the table between the two camps, Bravo has placed tonight a hilariously large amount of food. Asa tells news that tonight “there is tons of drama, crazy fighting, very tender moments, allot of friendship and a lot of love. It’s really funny too at moments.”

But as to the set, she adds “Our set was amazing. And there is a set in the middle with a mountain of food. People will think we are fat with all this food here.”

In fact, fellow cast members are ready with their insults tonight. Asa says to GG “I’m funky and that is why you are jealous”. GG replies “jealous of cellulite and cottage cheese?” After the full plate being served tonight of food, Diamond Water is expected thereafter.

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